Book reviews

Just felt like sharing some books (that no one really hears about) that I really love, with other people. A few reviews on some of my favourite books xxx Hope you enjoy!


1. Life on the refrigerator door


Life on the refrigerator door

Short, powerful, and unforgettable, Alice Kuipers novel looks deep into the complex relationship between a mother and daughter, and the distances that can open up between people who live together but have their own worlds.

It was published in 28 countries, won several awards and was named as a New York Times book for the Teen Age. 

The plot:

Claire is a teenager struggling to define herself in a life of divorce, friends, boys, and school. Her mom is also struggling as a single mother raising a daughter and working. They rarely see each other. Their lives are recorded by notes on the refrigerator. In between reminders, they have conversations that really show how little they talk. During the story they begin to become closer before the book finally finishes with a heart-wrenching ending.

My opinion:

This book is amazing, it made me cry, laugh and smile, I felt as if I were living with them, even though the author never describes the surroundings. All that you know is what it says on the fridge notes, which I think is a really fresh and unique twist to a teenage novel. The writing is engaging - especially as the word choice and tone change as their lives do. The characters were so believable; I could see them as I read, even though the author never describes their appearance. But the best part of the book was being able to relate to the characters. As a teenager, I find it difficult to communicate with my mum. We often leave important messages, shopping lists, etc. on the fridge. But this book really makes you realize how important it is, to talk face too face and enjoy every moment with your family. I urge you all too read this, and hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did. I am proud to say this book has a very special place on my book shelf.


9/1o  An amazing piece!!!

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