Running through the forest you cant hear anything,feel nothing, nothing but the cold of the tears on your cheeks,trickling down your face.


1. Run

'Run. Run for your life. Dont turn around. Never stop running.' That's what he told me when they came. He told me I should run for my life, run for everyone's life, they must never know what I know, they must never see what I see,they must never know 'what' I am.

When I was born I looked normal, I,I was normal, I think, well now I think about it I wasn't really. I was on the outside but every- now- and- again i would act confused,or sad or just 'not with it.' My parents always looked at me inquisitively but as i grew older it also grew into a worried expression, i never knew what it was all about other than i could see things, then i would blink and they would go.


When i got to the age of 10 my mother and father told me the truth. I could see the future! I had a feeling i could, but i suppose i never put the peaces of the puzzle together. As i grew older i became more conscious about my 'talent' (as my dad called it.) 


I never went to school although i did meet people in the village, but when i turned 12 mt parents decided it would be safer for me if we moved so we packed up our few possessions and headed off into the forest...

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