18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


3. Why?

"why?" i asked Harry as we drove along the streets of down town London."what do you mean?""why did you take me in?why are you flirting with me?I am a ugly monster now!"I really did feel that way, now i was covered with scars and cuts, all over my body."Well its the least i could do after the bus i was on almost killed you!"He shouted and i flinched"what a cheery thought,Harry. I know i can count on you to make me feel a hell of a lot better!" i replied, my voice heavy with scarcasem."Sorry about that."he mumbled sheepishly. Great.Now i felt bad.Thank you Harry."and what makes you think i am flirting with you?""You called me beautiful and you gave me your number.excuse me if the 5 days i was in the hosptal something changed and that now mean nada.""I was being nice.And you must admit that you enjoyed every minute of it.I saw you blush when i opened the door for cant deny it, you have a crush on me.''"No i dont"Yes you do"You are sooo imposible!"i retorted with half real anger and half mock anger. He flashed his baby greens at me and i felt my face grow hot."Ha!!" he exclaimed. "you do like me!" I flicked his arm and he laughed. I rolled my eyes and to prove my point i remained sollom. as we pulled up to his place,bickering still. I opened my door and grabbed my bag. I avoided his eyes and walkded up to his front door. He unlocked it and held open the door. "afher you" he childed. For what felt like the 10 time today my face grew how. Dammit, i thought. thankfully he didnt seem to notice. "Wow."i stated as i walked in."your room is this way,and you ex dropped all your stuff off.its already inside. I nodded and we walked into my room. Holy Friggen Crap. It was huge. "like it?" he asked. i was too awe struck to speak. he laughed. And of course he had to be soo uber annoying and he said"you must be in shock for the fact that you get to stay with me.""i told you i dont like you! I could kiss you and that would mean nothing!""Ifeel the same"retorted Harry."Watch"he leaned in and kissed me on the lips."I felt nothing!""Same here!" i yelled, closing the door."wow" i moaned sliding down the door, daydreaming. Little did she know, Harry was doing the same thing on the other side of the flat in his room.

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