18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


7. Uncover The Feelings

I cant help but smile at my handiwork. Harry groans and i sprint to my room to return my makeup bag. Walking from the direction of the shower is see Harry sit up on the couch."Hey" he says, smiling at me. Its all i can do not to fall over laughing at the sight of him. I hold it together, and reply with a smile because i dont trust my self to speak. He walks into the kitchen and starts making 2 cups of tea. Pausing and turning around he asks "You like tea right?" "Definally" i reply nochlochantly, or at least as much as i could. "you can turn on the telly if you want, ill be over in a minuate." I walk over and plop myself on the couch and frip it on. Cartoons. Nope. Cooking Show. Only if nothing else is on. 1D interview. Maybe. News about the bus crash. I was about to flip the chanel but he comes over with the tea and asks if he can watch this. I nod and place the remote on the table where i found it. As the news anchor talks about what happened, he puts his arm around me. I must have looked upset. "Harry." "Mm" he grunts in reply. "Go wash you face. I gave you a makeover and now its kinda creeping me out." He looks at his cup and sees some of the red lipstick that came off."Damn you!" he yells as he looks in the mirror and i laugh. Several minuates later he walks out and i smile sweetly at him. "Dont give me that crap." he flirts. "what crap?" i ask sweetly. "You being so damn cute when i am trying to be mad at you." "My luck!" i say and he sits down beside me. He leans in for a kiss and i say, "Im only doing this because i gave you a makeover." "Thats good enough for me" he says and leans in to kiss me. That exact moment was when i realized, how much i cared for him.

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