18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


9. Thinking...

I get up. I need to think. I cant resist him. I want to be his. But I dont want to be victumized. I dash to my room and blurt out "I need to think. Alone." I add as i meet his gaze. "No prob. I'll be here if you need me." I gentaly close the door and fall on my bed. I glance at the clock. 11:24. Wow. Later than I thought. I stare at the ceiling and think of the pros and cons of dating Harry. I soon loose track so I dig out some paper from a box but can't find a pen so i settle on using eyeliner. I make a chart:

PROS                                         CONS

-Be happier                             -What if people send hate to me or Harry?

-Be known

-He is really cute

So i look at the chart. More PROS than CONS. I feel like that should me just go for it but i still feel held back. I turn and bury my face in the pillow. After thinking it over for a while i decide to take the chance. Felling impowered i spring off the bed and run to a suprised-looking Harry on the sofa. "I will!" i say as i bury my face in his chest. "Am i missing something?" he asks cluelessy. " I will date you, Harry! I dont care what people say!". He chuckles and chimes in with " So you cant resit" me look on his face.  He pulls me closer and says "I will make sure nothing else hurts you. I promise with all of my heart. I never want to see you cry. It hurts me inside feeling that i wasent there for you." he looks deep into my eyes and we gaze at each other. He smiles and flicks of the telly. "I need to get to know you more. I want to know you more." With that we spend some glorios time sitting with each other close and speaking about our past. He gets up and dashes to his room. He ruturns with his gutiar and procedes to play me 'One Thing' while singing softly. "You are soo good" i say when he finishes." I can not play the gutiar at all!" He moves closer to me and places the gutair on my lap and wraps his arm around me. He shpw me how to play the chords and we spend the rest of the day playing gutiar and singing softly.


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