18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


10. Sticks and Stones...

After my music lesson, me and Harry decided to go to dinner. Our fist dinner as a couple. Wow. I admit, I was nervous. What would people think. Not about me and Harry, but my scarred face and body.I confided Harry about this and he told me not to worry. He said that we were going to fancy reserraunt, so i should drees nice. "Dress nice,you have the looking nice part down." My face was on fire. So sweet! Out of all the famous people in the world he chose me. I cant believe its only been 1 day and now im dating him?! I dont have alot of dressy clothes, so i decided on a lavender dress (Straplesss and came to above my knees) and white heels.(Peep-toed,and had a strap) and was debating if i should cover my scars with makeup or not. I decided to go with some concelar to cover the cut that still had stiches and a bandage on it, and some nude lipstick and a swipe of mascara. I braided my long black hair in the fish-tail style and, for once, thought i looked kinda pretty. My green eyes stood out with my jet black mascara, and my pale skin had some natural colour. My hair was tame and looked ok. My scars made my face drop. I looked freakish with them! Giving up i grab my handbag and walk down the hall to find Harry sitting on the sofa, wringing his hands with nerves. He stood and turned to face me and stood staring at me, causing me to blush. "Wow." was all that came from his mouth. "You look pretty wow too." He had a pale blue shirt and a brown suede jacket,complete with grey trosers, and black shoes. "Ready to go?" he asked, rather shyly to my astonishment. I nod and he takes my hand and leads me out the front door. Like the gentalman he is he opened the door and gestured for me to get in. Blushing i get in and he shuts the door. Walking to the other side he climbs in and starts his car and we drive away. I stare through the streets of London and he pulls up to an Italian resteruant. He parks and i step out of the car. Almost instanly he was noticed and to my suprise he told the fans "I love all of you guys so much, but right now im on a date. I hope you all understand." The fans turn to me as if i just arrived, glaring at me. Ducking my head nervously he escorts me inside. "Table for 2, and if you had an area tthat was quieter, that would me much appricated." "of course" the hostess replyed. She didnt ask for an autograph, thankfully. "Right this way" and grabbing 2 menus we set off to one of the eating rooms. Very empty, only a few other people and we sat near the back cornner. He pulled out y chair for me and i sat down. "Your server will be here shortly." "Thank you Harry and i said simotaniosly. Not long after we ordered at began to eat. We chat idily and soon I leave to use the toilet. I walk in the direction of the bathroom and before i knew it i was pulled outside, rather gruffly,through the back door. I was pushed to the ground and a stinging shot up my hands. "well,well,well. little miss i-got-hit-by-a-bus-girl,we all knew that was their bus, and you wanted some pulicity." I glanced up and saw the same group of fans as the ones from the front. "He cant save you if you are already gone." The tall one snarled. Then i realized it. I had seen her before. The news. She had died her hair and no one reconized her. But i knew who she was. My sisters bloody face flashed into my head She killed my sister. She was the daughter of my dads ex. She hated me. She thought like me that it was my fault my dad died. Her mom was the reason behind this. "Lets see how many more scars we can add to that shitball called your face. And with that a huge rock smashed my head.Onec.Twice.Too many to count. Harry! I mentally screamed.My mouth as too swollen to sream. Her devish face was the last thing i saw before i faded to black, Harrys face swirling in my mind.......


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