18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


11. Pleeding

Harry's Point Of View

She left to use the toilet and has been gone for almost 5 minutes. I try not to worry. What could possibly happen to her? I take a sip of my water, and check my phone for texts. 1 text, from Louis. It reads: Heyy!:) Whatchu up 2? Im hanging w/h El, and we r watching Titanic!!! Fun. Txt me when u can xx, louis. I sigh and text him back. Heya, at dinner w/h jenna. She went to the restrm and she be back soon. sound like fun! tell el i said hey. xx haz. I look at my watch and it turns out she has been gone for 11 minuates. Now I'm kinda worried. Is she ok? I get up and ask the hostess to she if she is in there. She comes back and shakes her head. "WHAT!?" I whisper yell. "How is she not in there?!" "I never saw her leave. I was at the front desk since you both came. I can go ask the staff if anyone has seen her." "Thank you" i say and sit back down. She comes back 5 minuates later and has a worried expression on her face. "How long has she been gone?" "Almost 25 minuates." Now she looks more worried than ever. "We can go ask the people here." she sujests. I nod and we ask people at the tables. No one saw her after she got up from the table. I am really scared now. I hope she is okay. "I'm gonna go get the manager." She rushed away and returns with a flustered looking lady. We go and check the back alleyway. The door is near  the bathroom. We open it and go outside. I fall to my knees and scream. Her shoe. The white one. Well it was at one point, now covered in blood. The managers goes inside and phones the poilice. They come and usher everyone out. The crime sceen tape goes up and I can barley hold back my tears. How could i let this happen to her? I promised i would keep her safe. Her blood covers the wall. Then they see it. A rock. A bloody rock. Big. I cant stand to be here. I run out and get in my car. I drive home and call the guys after trying her cell. Her cell is siclent. The guys come over straight away. Worried looking and sad. Now i cant hold back the tears. They flow out of me like a river. Louis comes and puts his arm around me. He looks close to tears too. They all do. "Time for you to got to bed." Liam says and trys to usher me away. "NO!" i yell. "I cant go to sleep knowing she is lying hurt somewhere. I wont!" He gives up and we all spend the rest of the night with our eyes glued to our phone, my telly and my computer, checking all the news sites. Nothing more than just decribing the story. At about 1:30, i am wide awake. The others look sleepy, but awake. "Guys, go to sleep.I hate seeing you guys up now. They wont put anything up now." With that i leave and return with some blankets and pillows. They take them without complaint and fall asleep, with worried looks on their faces. I wont even try to sleep. I sit awake. Staring at the wall. I walk to her room. I lay on her bed. And cry. "Jenna." i whisper between quiet sobs. "Come back. I cant live not knowing where you are. I need you." I pleed to my self.

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