18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


13. I Can Save You

Jenna's Point of View

Now she is gone. She is dead. I weep, without noise. "You can call him to let him know you are alive. That is it. Let him suffer not knowing where you are, but that you are alive." She hands me a phone and i dial his number.


Harry's Point of View

My phone chimes. I answer it without looking at who is calling. "Harry!" a weak voice says, and i instantly know who's voice. "JENNA!" i yell and the others burst into the room as i put it on speaker phone. "Your alive!" "I dont have much time. I cant tell you where i am. But i am in a forest cabin near the main highway on the outside of London. I saw a sign!" I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL!" a different voice blasts and the line goes dead. She is alive. Alive. "We need to find her.Soon. Or she might be dead." Puts in Eleanor gentaly. I nod and so do the others. We leave the house and I dial the police and wait out front. They follow us to where she described. The forest. The police come out with the K9 unit dogs and we treck into the woods. The dogs pick up her scent from her shoe that was in the alley. The set a fast pace and lead the way. After about 10 minutes of walking we hear a blood-curling scream. "JENNA!" i bellowed. No response. They are hurting her. We dont have much time.

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