18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


12. Hush

Jenna's Point of View

My sore eyes flutter open. A dark, musty room. I forget what happened momentarily, but when I see her denomic face glowering over me life is instantly darkened, and I flinch at her words. "Good Morning, Bitch." she spat. I am too sore and scared to speak. " Would you like to see your beloved sister, or ever see him again?" I think two different things: My sister is dead, and who is him? But I realize my sisters body was never found 3 months ago after I saw her face that last time, and he is Harry. "We know how much you love your sister so maybe seeing her will get you to open up about where Harry and the others are." "NEVER!" I screamed, flinching at my own voice. "Someone is about to be reaquainted with their sister." She childed with a evil grin plastered on her face. She grabbed my hair and jerked me upwards while someone else dragged out a screaming body. 'Wait', i thought, she wasnt dead when i saw her! She was painfully thin and covered in cuts and bruises. "JENNA!" she yelled. "OH MY GOD SASHA, YOUR ALIVE!" i yelled tears streming down my face. "Not for long"  my evil captor, Kyliea, snarled. She pulled a long silver knife from a drawer. Holding it to my screaming sister, she drew the blade, pressed in her skin, down to her elbow. She screamed louder than i thought possible and, i tried to look away but someone grabbed my head and dug her nails into my skin. "Ready to open up?" Kyliea snapped. "NO" my sister snapped at me. "Dont tell her where they are, please dont,Jenna. I dont care if i die. Anything will be better than living in this hellhole." "But-" "NO!" she bellowed before i could say anything. "Promise me you wont?Plese Jenna?!" "Fine.." i stammered out. "I wont."..........................


Harry's Point of View

I wake up to the shining sun. I didnt even know i fell asleep. Jenna, I think and before i knew it i was sobbing. Louis came running in and started to rub my back while hugging me. "I n-n-need her-r-r.." I stammer inbetween sobs, and Louis hold me closer. "We will find her, Harry. I promise."

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