18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


6. Don't Let Go

I fell asleep instantly. Not peacefuly, instantly. It haunts my dreams like a pure demon. Not the crash, the fact that my parents died the same way. But i wasnt with them. I should have died. They came to look for me as i had snuck out. If i had stayed home they would be alive. That haunts me. My fault. I feel like a murder. I wish that bus had killed me. Payback. I deserved it. I did. "I DID!" i screamed in my sleep and before i knew it i was being held crying in his arms. Safe. Only he can keep me safe. I sob as he pulls me closer."Its okay Jenna.Your safe now." I sob in his arms and he rocks me back and forth. "Dont let me go." I say hazelly."Never would i dream of it." he replys soothingly and kisses my forhead gently.


I wake up in his arms. Holding me close. Warmly. Safely. I stir in his arms and he coos into my ear,"how are you love?" "I feel better but i am not in love with you so dont even say it!"he chuckles and replys softly, "You know me soo well." and i giggle. "Im going to have a shower." I say grogily and grab some clothes from a box on my new desk. "Down the hall and to the right." he tells me as he gets up."Thanks." I say with a smile and walk to the bathroom and start my shower. I step in and let the warm water wash away all my sorrow and tears. I stand there. Just stand. I step out of the shower and dress quickly. Walk donw the hall and i see Harry sleeping with his head on the couch. I feel a pang of guilt. Did i keep him up all night? He looks soo peaceful and i realize even though i pulled him in the pool, i still need some revenge. Laughing to my self i walk down the hall to my room and grab my makeup bag. I pull out some eyeliner and think to myself,'Too Cliche' and decide on giving him a makeover, Jenna style. Walking down the hall to the couch, I pull out some of my foundation and mix it with some white eyeshadow to create a whiteish foundation. I smooth it on his face and my hand burns as soon as i touch his skin. I ignore it and smooth it over him untill his face is pure white. I pull out my red lipstick and smooth it over his lips untill it looks like he kissed a circus clown. Bright blue eyeshadow is next and after i smooth a swipe of sparly lip gloss on his lips and add some bluch in bright pink, im finished. Volia!! 5 points for me i add mentally.

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