18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


5. Did You Really Do That?!

Ring.Rrriiiiinnnggggg.Oh my friggen god.That door bell is pretty damn irksome."HARRY!"i shout,"THE DOOR!"and i cant help but laugh."shut up!"he retorts with mock anger and i can still hear him laughing.AAARRRRGGG! why does he need to be soo cute!?I leave the room and walk down the hall and cant help but smile, blush and giggle at the same time as i see Harry, soaked and shirtless,pinning Louis up at the wall. "Good job Louis!" i call."I wanted to do that all day!" Harry lets go of Louis and comes over and trys to kiss me but Niall hands me his shoe so i hold that infront of his face and he kissed it. I just about died of laughter at the face he pulled after. Niall gave me i High Five and we all walk into the front room. "Haryy,you got owned by your new girlfriend big time."Jokes Louis."girlfriend!? Fat Chance."I pulled my hand away from my face because i stopped laughing and when Louis and the others saw my face they looked like they got a death sentance."Hello,Im Jenna and me and your bus had a bit of a run in the other day.""Ifeel Terrible now!"exclaimed Louis.The others nodded in agreement."dont"i replied with an airyness to my voice."it wasnt your fault.It was no ones."Niall broke the awkward sicelence by chiming in how hungry he was, and almost on cue,the pizza came."YES!"yelled Niall and he ran to the door.I laughed and got my wallet."Dont even think about it!"Harry Warned."Oh come on!Im staying at your house and this is the least i can do!"I yelled back.I pulled out 20 pounds and shoved it into the deleviry man hand and called have a good day and shut the door.I turned to Harry and solomly said "Oops.""You are gonna die."he replied with the same tone i had used.I admit,he is really hard not to flirt with."Come get me if you are gonna say that!!"I ran down into the front room and Harry Grabbed me from behind and carried me over his sholder to the back door.Opening it i warn him not to do that and he chucked me into the pool!"Its Cold!" I Cry. "why is it cold in the summer!?""Oops"."I forgot to heat it up.""Can you help me out at least?""sure"I grab his arm and pull him in and Liam starts to laugh so hard he topples over and fell in. Soon we are all soaking wet and in the pool.My hair never really got wet the way Harry chucked me in.As i turn around Harry dumps a bucket of water on my head.I spun around and he grabed my waist and pulled me in and started to kiss me. I kissed him back without thinking.I heard Louis wolf whistle and i broke apart and Niall chimed in "Pizza!"So we got out and dried off and sat on the deck eating pizza. 8o clock rolled around and everyone left. Iwalked in to my room and was stopped by Harry "That was a good kiss.Care to explain?""Peer preasure?""Okay if it makes you feel better.""he leaned into kiss me and i said"No this makes me feel better."I say and close the door and collapse on my bed and fall asleep in my clothes.

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