18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


4. Darn You

Later that day, a soft knock brought me out of my trance.I got up and shuffled to the door and opened it. Harry. Why am i not suprised?"Hello love."he whispered in a flirtarious voice that took all my power not to melt over."Hi."I stated, trying to hide the fact that i wanted him to kiss me again. We stood awkwardly for a moment, and i broke the sicelence with a simple but flirty "can i help you?"Point for me. If Harry wants to play this game, so can i.he laughed and he said "even when i am mad at you ,you still manage to be so damn adorable"."Ha! You thiink im cute!" he blushed and i mentally added a point for me."and why the hell are you mad at me?" i added on a more angrier note."you are such a good damn kisser and make me want another kiss."Bullshit" i fake coughed, and he smiled sticking his tounge out al me. wow.really Harry? Really??? "how bout that kiss?" he asked, but i wasnt going to give in that easy."we passed a pond and maybe you can find some fish with the same kissing ablity as you."i retorted blandly but still flirting, as i shut the door and collapsed on my bed."well played Jenna, well played."he called through the door and i laughed."im getting a pizza what do you want on it?"he called.Pizza now? we had luch and it was only 2 in the afternoon. as if he could read my mind he called "Niall is comming over!" and i had a fit of giggleing. He appered at my door, and that only made me laugh harder. "If you dont tell me i will get anchovies on it!"he called leaving the doorway. "Good.You can get some kissing pratice!" It would be like kissing you because i see a resemblience in the looks!!"

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