Knock Knock

I heard someone knock loudly, and then there was a scream.

A body was found. Could be illness, old age... but it wasn’t - because the next day two bodies were found.

Knock knock, who’s there? The joke is far from over...


7. Secrets aside

"What are you doing here?" he cried. But there wasn't time to explain. I grabbed his hand and dragged him through the door, despite his protests. I thought it was just my older brother being stubborn, annoying, like he used to be. But I soon realised he was trying to protect me.

A dimly-lit hall led us to the dungeons. My first thought was my father. But then I remember the visit from the sheriff. His whispered words that I strained to hear. And I remembered that we wouldn't find our father in this place.

"Answer me!" a steely voice snapped. I took a step back and peered through a chink in the bricks that blocked our path. The light was hazy, but I could make out a figure, towering tall, fists clenched. Even his silhouette was sinister. But what was Jack Hunter doing here in the dungeons?

"Where is she, hmm? In La Roche, pretending to be that innocent girl? I hate to break it to you, but she's not just sugar and spice and all things nice," he cackled. He hadn't mentioned any names, but a tiny part of me already knew. I knew that Christopher was looking at me, eyes pleading to know what I knew. But I couldn't say.

"I bet you're glad she's not here now," he continued, "otherwise she would see you for who you really are." Jack Hunter stepped aside, and I bit back a gasp. Daniel's hands were bound, and a fresh scar welled blood on his cheek. 

"You make me sick," he spat, staring at Jack Hunter with eyes filled with hatred.

What is going on?

"Now Daniel, you and I both know that you will find her, and bring her to me." Jack Hunter turned away triumphantly.

"And if I don't?" said Daniel.

"Then I shall find her and kill her myself." He smirked. Daniel sighed. And I choked back a sob as Jack Hunter left the room and the truth smacked into me.

Jack Hunter and Daniel. On the same side. 

"Come on." Christopher grabbed my hands and led me away.



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