Knock Knock

I heard someone knock loudly, and then there was a scream.

A body was found. Could be illness, old age... but it wasn’t - because the next day two bodies were found.

Knock knock, who’s there? The joke is far from over...


4. Nothing is impossible

I always thought the night came too quickly, and tonight was not an exception. The sun had barely risen before it was ushered away again, buried in clouds and black. That was what life in La Roche felt like - a brief interlude of sunlight before everything plunges into darkness. 

The sunlit interlude I spoke of was in reference to a gathering of villagers. Every Thursday night, we would gather in the old barn. We would discuss what had been happening, and what action needed to be taken. There are twelve of us - my friend Jace and her three brothers, the vicar of La Roche and his wife, a young man called Rufus, two housemaids, Daniel Latimer and his grandfather, and myself. I could not convince any of my family to join me. My mother was still grieving, the memories of my father's death still fresh in her mind; my brothers thought it was too dangerous. I thought it was dangerous, but everything was now. Say the wrong words at the wrong time and your fate will be sealed. 

Our aim, each Thursday night, was to gather evidence of Jack Hunter's evil, and bring in a higher authority, which would surely lead to the downfall of the man who had terrified our village for too many years. But at each gathering I reflect on the futility. Twelve villagers against Jack Hunter's reign of terror? Impossible.

"Nothing's impossible," said Daniel's grandfather, as if he knew what I was thinking. But it is a well known fact that William Latimer was losing his memory, and his mind. Maybe this was a reason for the hurt in Daniel's eyes, the way he moves cautiously? I glanced at him but he looked away.

"You're right." Daniel patted his grandfather's shoulder. He sounded so certain that I wanted to believe him. But that was before a figure appeared in the doorway.

"I knew you'd be here," he said simply, staring directly at Daniel.


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