Knock Knock

I heard someone knock loudly, and then there was a scream.

A body was found. Could be illness, old age... but it wasn’t - because the next day two bodies were found.

Knock knock, who’s there? The joke is far from over...


1. Free

My name is Mia and I lived in a village called La Roche. As a child, I thought the name of our village was mystical and gorgeous. But now, just hearing it makes me shudder. I left when I was sixteen, and never looked back. 

My last carefree memory in La Roche was just before summer at school. The sun had kissed the sky generously and I was sunbathing with my friends on the stretch on grass outside of the sports hall. My friend Jace nudged me and giggled as a boy named Daniel Latimer walked past. He was new, and he was handsome. I had made the mistake of letting Jace know that I thought he was good looking. He caught my eye briefly and smiled. I smiled back, but felt the blush invade my cheeks. I lowered my eyes as he walked away. Jace nudged me again, mouthing, 'He wants you!'

I couldn't help but laugh. Daniel Latimer would not be interested in me. My laughter was contagious, and soon all of us were  giggling helplessly as the sun shone in the clear sky.

That night a storm broke out, and the next day the sky was shadowed with clouds. Little did we know that life in La Roche would soon have shadows of its own.

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