Another Land

A poem I have written for the Other Worlds competition.


1. Other World

Far, far away lies a land,

Where beaches lie of pebbles, not sand,

Deep purple seas wash ashore,

Taste not of salt but of sugar more,

Waves ripple like a skimmed stone,

                Though here, throwing rocks is rarely known.


For too much activity may raise from below,

                Creatures that bring and bestow,

Footsteps like thunder that shake the mountainous land,

                Boom! Boom! The sound of their band,

If you do flee these creatures, be sure to avoid,

                Making the dragons annoyed.


Breathe of fire and smoke,

                Eyes like demons,

Few dare to invoke.


Glistening blue scales,

                Strong, flying wings,

Two long, pointed tails.


Their aggressive ways,

                Greedy at heart,

Known to set ablaze.


Dragons roam among mountains,

                Tall like celebratory fountains,

All tower over the seas,

                Oblivious to the feisty breeze,

Casting dark shadows of doom,

At eight kilometres each they loom.


The snowy peaked, colossal mounds are known to hold,

                Quaint little valleys of old,

Full of flowers as vibrant as the purple sun,

                Full of cubs, learning to run,

The swaying ribbon like grass is white as fresh snow,

                Set among ground like fresh dough.


The seas of sugar,

                Beaches of rock,

Grass with no colour.


Thunderous creatures,

                Flaming dragons,

Hidden among hills.


These creatures will roam,

                In this strange land,

But I call it home.


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