Avery was alot of things, but she was definetly not a directioner. Sure, One Direction had some cool songs, and all the guys were cute, but you would not catch her drooling like so many others, including her best friend. But when she suddenly meets One Direction, will her view on them change?


1. Goodbye USA

  I took one last longing glance at my small house in Connecticut before walking down the driveway to my best friend Kristen's hot pink mini van. I loaded my bags into her trunk before slipping into the passenger's seat.

  "Remind me again how I got myself into this?" I asked her impatiently as she started the van and drove out of my neighborhood. She rolled her eyes. "I was going to go to London with Travis, but then we broke up. So I practically blessed you by giving you the extra ticket, and... Viola! Were off to London!" Kristen replied, sounding deadbeat. I don't blame her; thats like, the 30th time shes told me that since she and Travis broke it off four days ago. I sghed and rested my head on the window.

  Around fifteen minutes later, we lurched to a stop at the airport. We got out, got our bags, and then Kristen said her goodbyes. "Bye Thalia." She said, patting her van. "Its only 2 weeks." This time, it was me who rolled their eyes.

  We got our luggage checked, found our gate, and boarded the plane all under an hour. We took our seats towards the back of the plane and I immediately put in my earbuds, turned on The Fray, and settled in for a nice, long flight.

  "AVERY! WAKE UP!" I awoke with a start of the sound of Kristen yelling my name in my ear. To my embarrassment, many heads had turned to stare at us. "I'm awake, Kristen, god." I groaned, sitting up and taking out my ear buds. Kristen glanced at me. "You need to go change, were almost there." She said to me. I groaned something like 'whatever' under my breath before grabbing my bag and heading to the bathroom. As quickly as I could, I traded my sweats for my favorite Levi's jeggings, my baggy volleyball t-shirt for a navy blue and white striped shirt from hollister, and stuck with my red Toms. Then, I brushed my wavy blonde hair and applied a thick coat of mascara. Then, I swiped on some vanilla carmax and got back to my seat.

  "Ready for london?" Kristen asked me excitedly. "Um... Sure?" I guessed, shurgging. She rolled her eyes. As we touched ground, I got ready to leave the plane and enter the world of the unknown.

  Just as Kristen and I got our luggage, I heard them scream.

  "OH MY GOD ITS ONE DIRECTION!" At least 50 girls were crowded together screaming and jumping. As soon as she spotted a head of blonde hair - Niall - Kristen was gone, leaving me all alone. Suddenly someone behind me spoke.

  "Excuse me, but you have my luggage." He said.

  "Oh sorry." I replied, turning around to hand him the luggage. As I passed over the luggage to him, I found myself looking right into the eyes of Louis Tomlinson.

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