Part Of Me (rewritten)

Violet never had a perfect life. Hidden behind blocked doors, how could she?

To break out of her shell, she decided to go to Paris with her best friends; Casey and Lilly. They meet new friends, new unexpected boy-friends ;) and of course, new enemies.


2. Tickets

*Sorry for the long wait, didn't have any inspiration!*

"Um, hi." I said to Liam after his hello. 


"Where are you off to?" He asked me.


"Paris, France." I  answered so nervous that I almost seemed casual.


"Me too." Liam answered.


"Cool." I told him smiling while putting my ear buds in and shuffling. The Fray started blasting through my ear buds, filling up my head. I hummed slightly. I woke up with my head on a shoulder. I opened my eyes to find that that shoulder belonged to Liam Payne, who was also asleep. I turned around to talk to Lilly.


"Lilly?" I whispered who opened up her eyes and smiled her dimply smile. She was sitting next to no other than Louis Tomlinson.


'I heard them talking." Lilly whispered gesturing to the famous boys sitting next to us.




"I pretended to be asleep and they were talking about how 'lovely as peaches' we were!" Lilly giggled. 


I giggled too and shook my head. "Your lying." I said looking out my window.


"Whatever you want to think, but when he asks you out, don't ask me not to say 'I told you so', 'cuz I will!" Lilly said back I shook my head and continued to stare at a distant cloud shaped like a heart. 


*Two Hours Later*

My phone buzzed with a text from Casey reading: 'omigod! harry gave me his #! AHH!' My jaw-dropped, while my thumbs quickly  typed: 'omg, 4 realz?' a text lit up my screen a few minutes later with a long-ish text message. 'yup totally! and he even gave me 3 tickets and bag stage passes to there next show!!! is liam still asleep, i saw him sleeping 'bout 2 hours ago'. I did a tiny squeal and wrote back:  'yes! and yup omigod he is SOOOO cute in his sleep!' 


Casey looked back and smiled she tilted her head to the bathroom and then pointed to me and Lilly. I nodded and stepped over Liam and motioned for Lilly to follow. Once us three were in the (actually quite big) bathroom,


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