Part Of Me (rewritten)

Violet never had a perfect life. Hidden behind blocked doors, how could she?

To break out of her shell, she decided to go to Paris with her best friends; Casey and Lilly. They meet new friends, new unexpected boy-friends ;) and of course, new enemies.


1. Leaving For Paris

"Wake up!" My mother yelled ecstatically from my doorway.


"What time is it?" I asked while yawning. I rubbed my eyes and glanced at my clock. Seven in the morning?


"You have to pack for Paris, remember?" My mom told me. I flew out of bed and into the bathroom yelling to her, "Oh yeah! Gonna take a quick shower!" I turned the cold water on so I wouldn't fall back asleep and washed my hair three times. I hurried and jumped out after shaving and washing up, heading to my closet. I settled for a summer dress with sandals and brushed out my tangled hair, throwing it into a side braid.


I literally packed half of my wardrobe in two light blue suitcases I found in the storage closet downstairs. I threw together a carry on bag consisting of my phone and it's charger, my IPod and ear buds, my currently reading book, my sunglasses and a floppy sun hat. My phone buzzed with a text from Casey saying, 'I'm here!' with a smiley face. The doorbell rang and I ran downstairs with my stuff. My mom handed me a piece of peanut butter toast as I walked out the door and met up with Casey. Casey was wearing a blue tee-shirt and jean shorts with white flip flops, her sandy blonde hair of to one side. She helped me put my things in her trunk to her Mustang Converitable her parents gave her for her sixteenth birthday. Me, I didn't even know how to drive. We jumped in and rode over to Lilly's house.


Lilly was already waiting outside for us. She was in a crop-tee with '1D' in red letters with a black red tank-top underneath it. She had on denim shorts and red flip flops with her gorgeous red hair curled and falling down to her mid-chest. She put her three suitcases in the trunk  and got in the back seat with a hipster purse from Vera Bradley, which me and Casey supplied her with on her birthday. She smiled big and hid her hazel eyes with a pair a black sunglasses. "LETS GO!" she yelled excitedly as we drove of to the airport, blasting One Directions album throw the car's radio. 


We arrived at eleven o'clock on the dot and had an hour until our flight left. We went to the Baggage Check area and gave our bags to a employee. 


After all the security, we hurried soon enough we were on our plane, sitting in first class, supplied by Casey and her bribing skills. Casey and I shared a seat. 


"I can't wait!" Casey shrieked quietly. 


"I know, right! I could barely eat this morning!" Lilly said from behind us. 


Then a tall man came up to Casey and said with the most adorable British accent I ever heard, "Um, excuse me, I don't mean to be a bother but I think your in my seat." 


Casey checked her ticket and got up a giving the man an apologetic look. "I'm soooo sorry!" Casey said, in what she called her 'casually flirting' tone. I rolled my eyes and watched as she  sat down next to a guy with brown curly hair. 


"Hello." The man said to her, also with a British accent.


"Hi." she replied in a soft sweet tone. He looked down and she turned around and looked at me mouthing 'Harry Styles'. I raised my eyebrows and she nodded. Casey turned back around in her seat and I searched for my phone, texting the red head sitting behind me.


A heard a clink as the aviators the man was wearing plopped onto the table tray thing in front of us. I looked at the man and recognized his face instantly.


Oh my god. I was sitting next to Liam Payne.

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