The Perfect Summer

Zara has spent the summer in her home country Malibu with the guy she met. Zayn Malik. Their summer was perfect until Zayn has o go back to the UK to make more music. Luckily Zara has managed to get flights to the UK. But when she sees Zayn on sage with the boy band One Direction, who knows what will happen. A story to make you love.


4. Taxi!

I had just got off the airplane and was standing at the side of the road, my arm out waiting for a cab to pick me up. I was carrying my suitcase in one hand and my purse in the other.

Finally a black cab pulled up and I jumped in before anybody else could. I told the driver the address  of the house I was meant to be staying in and he pulled off the kerb and onto the busy highway. The car was on the opposite side of the road to normal.

"You're on the wrong side of the road!" I screeched. The driver laughed and patted my shoulder. Ignoring him I turned away as my cheeks turned crimson at my embarassment.

Half an hour later we pulled up outside a massive white washed house.

I pressed my nose against the window to get a better look. This was going to be the best year of my life.

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