The Perfect Summer

Zara has spent the summer in her home country Malibu with the guy she met. Zayn Malik. Their summer was perfect until Zayn has o go back to the UK to make more music. Luckily Zara has managed to get flights to the UK. But when she sees Zayn on sage with the boy band One Direction, who knows what will happen. A story to make you love.


2. Surprise!

I slumped downstairs after changing into my dark leggings and grey jumper that was way too big for me. But it had been Zayn's and I needed the comfort of his smell at the moment. I hadn't washed my hair or ewven brushed it. I looked a mess. But I didn't care. Zayn was gone and I probably wouldn't see him again. He hadn't even texted or called. Great. He's already forgotten me. Fresh tears started rolling down my cheeks. I pulled myself together with stern words in my head and turned on the TV. I was watching... what was I watching? I wasn't really paying attention to it. It just kept my mind busy.

My dad turdged down the stairs behind me in his old navy slippers. He made a ridiculous fake cough and stood in front of me. Blocking my view of the TV. I tried to dodge round him even though I wasn't watching the TV but he took the remote and turned it off. I looked at him sadly. My eyes welling up even though I would never cry in front of my Dad.

"What!" I mumbled grumpily folding my arms across my chest to make me look tough and keep me a bit warmer. It hid the tears threatening to fall at any moment.

"Your mother and I have got a surprise for you Pumpkin!" I lifted my head, and saw my mother's face appear from the kitchen. It was plastered with a cheshire grin. This would be good. "As you've been so mature this Summer and have really made the most of it and you're going to be turning 18 this year." He paused for effect. "We've organised for you to spend a year in the UK. Now I know that boy of yours went back there. But don't get your hopes up that you'll see him there. So don't spend the year searching for him. OK Pumpkin?" I couldn't believe my ears! I was going to the UK! I might be able to see Zayn again!

"When do I leave?" I asked suddenly excited. My heart beating for the thought of seeing those big brown eyes again.

"Tomorrow at 8. You should get packing now. Don't you think?" My dad smiled, happy that he had made me happy. I did something I had never done before. I hugged him.

"Thanks Dad." I said squeezing him. Geez! I thought, I had only just found out I was leaving home for the year and I was leaving tomorrow. No head's up, well at least I would be able to see Zayn.

"Oh yes, and we've organised some activities for you to do Zara. So you won't have trouble booking different things once you're there." My dad handed me a bundle of tickets and leaflets. I thumbed through them finding tickets for a few West End shows, concerts. I noticed a ticket for a band I had never heard of before. It didn't have a picture of the band members so I had no idea who they were. My dad saw me looking at it.

"They're some new boy-band all the girls are crazy about. I thought you might enjoy seeing them perform." My dad smiled, squeezed my shoulder and went into the kitchen.

I grinned and continued thumbing through, tickets to safari parks, nature reserves. They really knew how to spoil me, my wonderful wonderful parents. I smiled cheekily to myself and ran upstairs pulling my birght pink suitcase of my wardrobe shelf.

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