The Perfect Summer

Zara has spent the summer in her home country Malibu with the guy she met. Zayn Malik. Their summer was perfect until Zayn has o go back to the UK to make more music. Luckily Zara has managed to get flights to the UK. But when she sees Zayn on sage with the boy band One Direction, who knows what will happen. A story to make you love.


3. Packing

Suddenly it dawned on me. What was I going to wear? What sort of clothes would I need? I decided that packing would only take up the morning and then I would be able to go surfing in the afternoon. I flung open my wardrobe doors and flicked through the many racks of pretty clothes. Well, to start off with, what was I travelling in? I found a black lacy dress with black lacy tights that would go good with my Dr Martins (white of course). I pushed my travelling gear to one side and focused on what I was going to bring.

I took a look at all my skinny jeans first. The only kind of jeans I wore. I picked out a denim pair (duh!), yellow, red, purple and tye-dye. My favourites. Then realizing I would probably need some more I bundled in my green and coral pairs. Next I moved on to tops, I grabbed a load of tank tops off the hangers and put them in the already over crowded suitcase. I picked up my favourite tee. An off the shoulder with peacock feathers placed on one of the shoulders. I added to the incresing pile of clothes until you couldn't see my bed.

I finally stopped pulling clothes out and started rolling the clothes up to get more stuff in. The clothes, when packed propably only took up half the case. Still room for shoes, undies and PJ's. I sorted them out. Taking almost all my pairs off shoes out of their neatly packed boxes. When I was done. the suitcase weighed a ton, but was fine to carry.

I looked at the clock. 11:18 PM. Oh my lord. I had taken the whole day to pack a bloody suitecase!

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