Dreams of Mine.

Felicity Rue loves to swim. Hours and hours are spent at the swimming pool, at the gym, and out running to allow her to compete with the best chances of winning. Spotted by an Olympic coach, she is hauled into a training programme that changes her life. Training for the 2012 London Olympics, Felicity attends training camps and sessions with some of the world's greatest athletes. And a selection process is set to change her life for good.


1. Age 5

"Felicity, are you ready?" her mother called up the stairs.

           "I'm coming now Mummy!" Felicity replied, pulling on her other shoe and standing up. She rushed down the stairs and picked up her bag that was lying on the table.

            "Mummy, what if all the others are faster than me?" Felicity asked once she was safely strapped in the car.

            "They won't be darling, don't you worry about it," her mother replied, smiling at her through the rear-view mirror. Felicity didn't smile back, she just stared out of the window and hoped that she would be OK.

            After about ten minutes of travelling, Felicity saw the swimming pool building come into sight, and panic set in.

            "Mummy, I don't want to go! Please Mummy. I want to go home! I don't want to go!" she cried, tears streaming down her face.

            "Felicity, stop this immediately. You are going swimming. You love swimming! Besides, we're here now, so you may as well go. It'll be like your lessons only better. Now come on, get out of the car and stop crying," her mother said. Mary, her mother, was keen for Felicity to get interested in a sport, just like her brothers all had. Two footballers, two rugby players and boxer, her sons were all into sport and Mary wanted Felicity to be the same. She had plans to enrol Felicity in as many sports clubs as possible and then allow her to slowly give them up as she began to focus more on one sport. This is how it had worked with the five boys.

          Mary took Felicity's hand and led her to the door. The receptionist asked for details and after that was done and dusted, Mary helped Felicity to change into her costume and wrestle her long hair into a swimming cap. Felicity then took herself out on to poolside and found her swimming teacher, Mike, talking to another little girl who was bawling her eyes out.

           "Felicity, this is Chloe. She's a bit nervous, like I'm sure you are, because this is her first time here too. So, the two of you will be best friends, I'm sure! You'll be in this lane here, OK, and Tommy is going to teach you. So in you jump, and off you go!" Mike said, and with that he left, going to talk to some older children in another lane.

*                                                                                      *                                                                                     *

            "Mary, you've got a real champion in the making there. Raw talent is what Felicity's got. Bring her along on Tuesdays as well and we'll see what we can do for her. Usually, Tuesday's training session is for eight year olds and over, but Felicity's faster than some of the ones we have at the moment. I'd really like to train her myself sometimes as well, because I can see the amount of potential she has is far greater than she shows in the swimming lessons. Please?" Mike said to Mary, while Felicity and Chloe were deciding what they wanted to eat from the cafe.

             "I'd like to see Felicity do as well as possible in anything, I just never imagined it would be swimming. She loves her swimming, but she has a lot of other commitments, other sports and her music and French classes as well. I don't want her to focus on one thing too early on," Mary said, smiling down at her daughter, while Chloe's mother, Mrs Timothy, paid for the girls snacks.

             "Please. Just give her a chance?" Mike said. Mary didn't answer, she simply turned and walked away, undecided about what was best for her only daughter. Simple answer. Allow Felicity to decide what she wanted to do.


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