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after moving to Australia Abbies new bestfriends are the members of the Janoskians. Soon she starts to go out with one of them.


3. text you or somthing


“So you’re basically famous for being idiots?” I asked Jai.     “Pretty much,” he laughed.   We were 3 hours into the flight now, and Jai had told me all about how he was in the Janoskians. After my little ‘dance’ episode with Beau, the rest of the boys had come  over  to see what was going on, and now we were all squashed together in the seats belonging  to Jai and I at the back of the plane.   I couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to them; I was never usually this comfortable talking to people I’d only met a few hours ago. In fact, usually I’d have locked myself in the toilet or something just to avoid any awkward situations from occurring.   “So what’s your reason for being on this plane?” Luke asked me.   “Er, I’m moving to Australia,” I said dejectedly.   “Well that’s shit.” James stated.   “Yupp.”   “Which part are you moving to?” Jai asked me in interest.   “Urm, Melbourne,” I replied.   “Seriously?! We’re from Melbourne!” Beau exclaimed.   I’m not going to lie; I swear my heart skipped a beat. Melbourne contained at least five seriously hot famous guys, who I happened to be sat on a plane with, and it meant I wouldn’t be completely alone when I got there. Plus these guys were hilarious; I knew I’d have fun with them. I just wasn’t sure whether my mum would approve.   “Guess I’m not going to be a complete loner in Melbourne then, at least I’ll have some friends,” I joked.   “Who says we want to be friends with you?” Jai laughed.   “Shut up Jai,” I said, smacking him lightly on the arm.   I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, and I pulled it out.   *1 new message from Mum*   I looked up to where my parents were sitting, and saw my mum looking right at me, obviously waiting for me to reply to her text. I opened up the text and it read ‘they’re  cute’. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that Luke and Jai had been reading over my shoulder.   “Hey guys, Abbie's mum thinks we’re cute,” Luke shouted.   “Cougar,” Beau stated simply.   The boys exploded in fits of laughter, and that’s when Jai saw where I was looking.   “Hey, is that your mum waving at you over there?” He asked me, a huge grin spread across his face.   “Definitely not…” I replied with my head in my hands.   My mother was sat there with a smug look on her face whilst the boys shouted things like “you’re not too bad yourself” at her.  In all my life, I’d never been so embarrassed, and the boys just laughed at how red I had become.   “Please say this isn’t happening to me,” I said to myself.   I had to admit though, that I was having a lot of fun, even if my mother liked to embarrass me and the boys were teasing me endlessly.   “So who wants a game of dare or dare?” Skip asked loudly.   A loud chorus of “ME” and “YES” and the weirdest noises heard to mankind followed, and I guess there was no way I could get out of it.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- chapter 4 The flight lasted 21 hours, during which the boys managed to piss off almost every single passenger on the plane. Beau and Skip had made the mistake of falling asleep during the game of dare or dare – Beau had been given a slight haircut and Skip had suffered having various objects stuck up his nose. Eventually the boys had to go back to their own seats, so it was just Jai and I once more. The seatbelt sign buzzed above us, and as we both went to clip our seatbelts in, our hands brushed together. I pulled my hand away quickly, and Jai looked at me.   “Sorry,” We both said in unison, laughing.   I plugged my belt in, and Jai started talking again.   “That was a pretty fun flight huh?”   “Yeah, it was,” I nodded in agreement.   “So I mean, I know you need time to move in and get settled and shit but do you wanna meet up again soon?” Jai asked me shyly. I swear I saw him blushing, but he dropped his head down to look at his hands in his lap before I had chance to see.   “Are you blushing Jai?” I mocked.   “No.. it’s just hot in here,” He laughed. “So do you want to?”   “Yes!” I said, almost unable to control myself. “I mean, only if you want to.” I smiled.   Jai smiled back, nodding. “Sure. Can I have your number? I’ll text you.”   He handed me his phone and I typed in my number, trying not to look like a desperate saddo with no friends. I handed it back to him, and he just looked at me and smiled.   “I’ll text you or something.”   “Sounds good,” I said.   Jai and I were the last to get off the plane after we’d landed and as we began walking  down  the steps, I saw the boys waiting for us on one side, and on the other side was my family. I looked at my parents, opening my eyes wide, trying to telepathically tell them that  I’d  meet them inside. My mum seemed to understand what I was hinting at, and started to pull my dad along. Unfortunately for me, whilst urging my parents to leave, I hadn’t been watching where I was putting my feet, and stupidly missed out a step. I ended up half running, half sliding down the rest of them, my arms flailing everywhere. Somehow I’d managed to turn around when I reached the bottom, and fell onto my bum right in front of the boys, with my hands spread out behind me. They were all in fits of laughter by  now,  and I smiled innocently up at Jai who had just reached the bottom of the steps without tripping at all. He grinned back at me, and held out a hand to pull me up. I took it, but  just as I was almost fully up, he let go, and I fell to the ground again. The boys couldn’t control themselves, and their laughter made me laugh too. I decided to get up by myself, and gave Jai a nudge as revenge for dropping me.   We were all walking back to the terminal together when Luke spoke.   “Abbie, you might want to go in there without us…”   I looked at him confused.  “Shits about to get crazy.” Beau stated. “You’ll see, just go in there first.”

  I walked into the terminal and my ears were met with a short burst of screams as hundreds of girls pushed and shoved each other to get a better view. I walked over to my family who were waiting to collect our luggage when the room filled with the screams of teenage   girls. I turned around to see the boys walking in, and Beau mouthed ‘I told you so’ at  me. I flashed a smile at him, before the girls had engulfed the boys completely.   I heard my mum speak beside me. “What the…”   “They’re famous here.” I told her.   “They’re famous? We should get their autographs or something!” She screamed, running over to join the rest of the girls. Oh my god. She had to be the most embarrassing mum on the planet.   Luckily, the airport security had stepped in, and was now escorting the boys out of the building. Jai turned around to give me a wave, and I waved back. Many of the girls turned around to see what he was waving at, and the rest of them assumed he was waving at them, and were freaking out.   Being friends with these guys would definitely be interesting.   
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