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after moving to Australia Abbies new bestfriends are the members of the Janoskians. Soon she starts to go out with one of them.


5. sorted by a simple phone call


Covered in eggs and ketchup, we all headed back to Luke, Jai and Beau’s house. The boys  all got changed into clean clothes, but I had no idea what to do. Part of me wanted to go home so I could clean myself up, but I really didn’t want to leave the boys.   “Abbie, do you want to have a shower so you don’t have to be stuck with egg all over you?” Jai asked me. “You can borrow a t-shirt or hoodie or something.”   “Er yeah, thanks Jai,” I smiled.   I hung my Hoddie up by the front door, and then walked back over to Jai.   I followed him to his room, and he pulled out a white t-shirt with the words ‘Brooklyn Everlast Boxing Club’ on it, and a plain blue hoodie. I looked around the room; the walls were painted red and white, and there was a bunk bed in the corner. I noticed one of the duvets had multicoloured ducks on, and I saw Jai looking at me.   “That’s Luke’s duvet, not mine,” He said, handing me the clothes.   “It’s cute,” I laughed.   Jai pointed me towards the shower, and walked back off to find the other boys.   I walked into the bathroom, and locked the door behind me. Dumping my clothes on the floor and climbing into the shower, I let the warm water run over me. I was glad to finally get the ketchup out of my hair – random strands of my hair would just keep sticking to my face and it had really started to annoy me. Once I finished cleaning myself up, I exited the shower and slipped on my underwear. Just as I bent down to pick up Jai’s t-shirt, I  heard  the door open. It turned out I hadn’t locked the door properly, and I was now face to face  with a guy I’d never seen. So I screamed. And then he screamed. And then Jai ran in screaming.   “ANDREW DON’T GO IN TH- SHIT GET OUT RYAN!”   “WHAT THE F***?!” I screamed.   “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Ryan cried, holding his hands up in defence. Jai was just stood there, looking completely dumbstruck.   “Jai, what are you doing?!” I yelled at him. “Get out!”   “Sorry!” He shouted, pulling Ryan by the arm and running back out of the bathroom.   Shutting the door as quickly as I could, I made sure I locked it properly this time and  held my head in my hands.  What the f*** just happened?! One minute I was having a nice, relaxing shower, and the next thing I knew, Jai and some random guy walked in on me in my underwear? I’d never been so embarrassed, how was I meant to face the boys now? I chucked the t-shirt over my head and pulled on my sweatpants, which I’d somehow managed to keep clean. I grabbed Jai’s hoodie from the floor, along with the rest of my clothes, and somehow plucked up the courage to leave the bathroom.   I’d dumped my clothes by the front door, but kept hold of Jai’s hoodie, just in case it got cold later. I walked into the living room where I found the boys playing on Jai’s Xbox. Beau turned around as I walked in.   “Hey Abbie, this is Ryan,” he told me.   “Yepp, we’ve met,” I laughed nervously.   “Sorry about that,” Ryan said.   I felt Jai’s eyes boring into me and turned to look at him. He gave me an apologetic smile, and I nodded in acknowledgment, flashing him a quick smile. I took a seat next to him on the sofa when Luke spoke.   “Ryan's having a party tonight, do you wanna come?” He asked me.   As much as I wanted to spend time with the boys, I knew there’d be other people  there, and I wasn’t exactly the best at talking to new people.   “Urm..” I mumbled. “I dunno, it’s not like I’d know anyone…”   “Please come?” Jai begged, “It’ll be fun.”   The face he was pulling was adorable, and I could hardly say no.   “Alright…” I said apprehensively. “I should probably get going so I can get ready though.”   I held Jai’s hoodie out to him.   “Keep it,” he said, “It might get cold on the way home.”     It had gone 6 by the time I got home - I’d been out for 8 hours with the boys. I put my key in the door, turning it slowly, to try and avoid making any noise. I pushed it open, and shutting it quietly behind me, I crept up the stairs. I didn’t exactly want my mum to find me just yet - she’d probably flip out and stop me from going to the party.     “Abbie? Is that you darling?” I heard my mum call from the kitchen.   The tone of her voice surprised me, why wasn’t she annoyed with me?   “Hi mum,” I replied cautiously.   “Did you have a good day?” She asked me.   “Er… aren’t you annoyed with me?” I was so confused.   “Why would I be? I’m glad you’re having fun with those new friends of yours.” She smiled. “Jai phoned me earlier to tell me where you were.”   I was smiling on the inside; I guess he must have taken my phone out of my Hoddie whilst  I was in the shower. That boy thought of everything, he was so sweet.   “He seems nice Abbie, good boyfriend material,” My mum said, winking.   I just walked up the stairs, trying to get away from my mum as soon as I possibly could, and I made a mental note to never let her talk to Jai again.   
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