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after moving to Australia Abbies new bestfriends are the members of the Janoskians. Soon she starts to go out with one of them.


11. skating


I heard the doorbell ring, and sprinted down the stairs. I stumbled on the last step and fell face first onto the hard laminate flooring with a loud thump. Picking myself up, I dusted myself off and swung the door open to find Beau standing there.   “Hey,” I smiled.   “What was that noise?” Beau asked me, trying to look around the door.   “What noise? I didn’t hear anything…” I told him.   “Like a really loud bang or something?” He said. “It sounded like a hippo falling over or something.”   Wow, thanks Beau.   “Nope, definitely didn’t hear anything, now let’s go,” I said, pushing him off my doorstep and down the drive.   We walked to Beau’s car, and I climbed into the back seat with Jai. He leant over and kissed my cheek.   “I wanted to come and get you but they wouldn’t let me,” Jai said, looking at Luke and Beau.   “Aw, why not?” I asked.   “Because you guys would take fucking forever to leave,” Luke cut in. “You look beautiful Abbie.. oh Jai, I like your shoes.” He imitated us in a high pitched voice, laughing.   “Shut up Luke,” I giggled, punching his arm.   “Shut up Luke,” Luke copied me again.   “Are you going to do this all the way there?” I asked him.   “Are you going to do this all the way there?”   “I’ll take that as a yes then.”   “I’ll take that as a yes then.”   Ugh, this was going to be a long car journey.   We met Skip and James outside the ice rink, when another girl I hadn’t seen before turned up.   “Hey guys,” She waved, with a huge grin on her face.   She walked over to Beau, and enveloped him in a hug.   “Hey Terressa ,” he said. “This is Abbie, she’s Jai’s.. urm.. yeah,” he laughed, and she nodded as though she understood.   “Hi,” I waved awkwardly.   “Wow, I love your shoes!”   “Thanks,” I smiled.   The boys left us to get their skates whilst Terressa and I chatted. She was really nice, and so easy to talk to, and seeing as she was the first girl I’d actually spoken to since moving here, I was glad that we were getting on well.   “So.. what exactly is going on with you and Jai then?” She asked me.   I thought about it.   “I don’t really know, I mean, I like him and he likes me but…” I drifted off, and Terressa finished the sentence for me.   “You’re not official yet?”   “Exactly.” I smiled. “What about you and Beau?”   I saw her look across to him and smile.   “We’re just friends,” She told me.   “Whatever you say…” I said, unconvinced.   “Nothing could ever happen between us anyway, we’ve been friends for too long, I don’t want to ruin that,” Terressa said.   “Makes sense,” I said. “But I think he likes you.”   The boys came back over, and Jai handed me my ice skates. I slipped them on, and stood up unsteadily. How the f*** was I supposed to walk in these without falling over?!   Jai walked over to the entrance to the rink, and shouted over to me.   “Come on Abbie, you’re taking ages!”   “Yeah, I’m just, you know, testing the skates…” I laughed.   I somehow managed to stumble over to him without embarrassing myself completely.    “I’ve never actually been ice skating before…” I said, before cautiously stepping onto the ice.   “Don’t worry, you can hold my hand,” Jai laughed.   I had one hand in Jai’s, and the other hand on the rink wall. I’d only gone about two steps before I fell on my bum. It hurt. Jai helped me up, but my bum was throbbing like mad, and I could feel tears forming in my eyes.   “Are you alright?” Jai asked.   “Yeah, fine,” I said, trying to laugh it off.   Jai grabbed my hand and pulled me along the ice. Everyone else had joined us by now, and I was completely shit at skating compared with the rest of them. Terressa and Beau were actually skating backwards, whilst James and Skip were doing some kind of ballroom dancing together.   Jai had hold of my hand the whole time, and I felt bad that I was stopping him from having fun.   “Jai, you don’t have to stay with me you know,” I told him.   “I like being with you,” Jai replied.   Aw, that boy.   “Aren’t you bored though? I mean, we’re barely moving at all.” I asked.   “Well let’s go faster then,” He said, grabbing my hand tightly, and pulling me along next to him as he sprinted around the rink. I couldn’t stop screaming, and it felt like everyone was looking at me.   Suddenly Jai tripped, and I came flying down on top of him. We couldn’t stop laughing, and it turned out Beau had been filming the whole thing.   “That’s going on YouTube!” He shouted to us.     I pulled myself off Jai, clutching my stomach and laughing hard.   “Maybe I should get off the ice now,” I giggled.   “Yeah, maybe you’re right,” Jai chuckled.   After we’d left the Ice rink, we all decided to get something to eat. We went to Hungry Jack’s, and met up with Adam and Tyler, another of the boys’ friends. I won’t lie, they were all hot.   “Hey Luke, pass the ketchup will you?” I shouted down the table.    “Sure,” He said, chucking the bottle at me. He misjudged his throw, and hit Skip’s coke with the bottle, knocking it all over Skip’s lap.   “Argh, you dick!” Skip cried.   I was sat in between Jai and Terressa, and everyone was just joking around and messing about.   “So you’re from Serbia?” Tyler asked me across the table. He’d been asking me a lot of questions actually, it was nice he was interested though.   “Yepp, but I love it here,” I replied.    “Don’t you miss Serbia at all?” James questioned.   “Yeah I do, but not as much as I thought I would,” I smiled. “I miss my family and my dog mostly, my parents made us leave my dog behind, they said that Grannie would look after him,” I laughed.   “Aw, that sucks,” Terressa joined in. “What about your friends?”   “I guess I miss them, but everyone here’s so nice that I haven’t really thought about them that much.”   I looked at Jai and smiled. He leant towards me and placing his arm on the back of my chair, he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I giggled, and Terressa spoke.   “Aw, you guys are so cute together.”  
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