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after moving to Australia Abbies new bestfriends are the members of the Janoskians. Soon she starts to go out with one of them.


2. our crazy plane dance


“Oh, I know what it is, don’t tell me, don’t tell me!”

  “It’s One Direction, Jai.” I laughed.  

“I knew that!” Jai replied, handing back my headphones.

  The plane had taken of about half an hour ago, and surprisingly I’d actually been talking to Jai. I found him pretty easy to talk to, which was lucky because I had to be the most socially awkward person alive. I’m sure if it had been anyone else I’d have shuffled right over to the other side of my seat, plugged my headphones in and avoided any kind of eye contact. But Jai was different, and I thought I might as well have some fun.

  We’d been playing ‘guess the artist’, where one of us would have my iPod and choose a song, and the other would have to listen to it and guess the artist. I was winning by a lot, but I had a feeling that Jai was letting me.

  “Wanna play the question game?” He asked me eagerly.

   “Alright, you go first.” I replied.  

“Wait, wait, wait, we need to come up with some rules here,” Jai said, a sly grin creeping onto his face.

“If you’re going to ask a question, you have to make sure you can answer it yourself. And if you don’t answer a question, you have to do a forfeit.”  

I let out a sigh, but smiled. “Fine by me.”  

“Ok, let’s start with the basics.. age?” He asked me.  

“16.” I said. I tried to read his face, looking for any reaction to my age.

“What about you?”  

“17.” He replied. I smiled to myself - he was only a year older.  

“Ok, my turn.” I said, trying to come up with an interesting question.  

“Single or taken?” I asked curiously.  

“Taken,” he said. My stomach dropped.

“I have a beautiful boyfriend waiting for me back home.”  

“You’re gay?!” I asked, covering my mouth after releasing how loud I was.   Jai looked back at me, unable to control himself anymore. He burst out laughing.  

“I was joking Abbie! I’m straight and single, but your reaction was priceless!” Jai chuckled.   I felt so stupid, my cheeks flushed red.   “Aw, are you feeling all embarrassed?” Jai said, making fun of me.  

“No, it’s just really hot in here,” I said defiantly.

  “Whatever you say,” he said smugly.

“Anyways, what about you?”  

“Single and ready to mingle.”   Jai quietly laughed.  

“Remind me to never say that phrase ever again.” I told him.  

“Right, my go again. Would you ever date me?” Jai asked me deviously.  

“Good question,” I said, “But I’m not going to answer that.”  

Jai breathed in sharply.   “Someone’s gonna have to do a forfeit.” He told me.  

“What do I have to do?” I asked, already regretting not answering the question.  

“Well seeing as we’re free to walk around the plane now, maybe you should go and mingle with some of the other passengers…” Jai said calmly.

  “Ugh, I hate people.” I told him.  

Jai pointed over to a boy sat about 6 rows in front of us on the left. “Go and dance in front of him.”  

“What?!” I cried.  

“You have to do it, you didn’t answer the question,” Jai grinned.

  “Fine.”   I got up, and walked down the aisle towards the boy Jai had chosen. I could see he had his headphones plugged in, but luckily the other passengers around him had moved elsewhere. I quickly looked back at Jai, who put his thumbs up to me, a large grin on his face.

Walking on confidently, I stood in front of the guy. He looked slightly older than Jai, and he was HOT.

He was looking up at me with a confused expression on his face and I decided I should probably just get this over with. I decided to start with ‘pat the dog, screw the light bulb’ and added in a few bobs of the head along the way. I was looking at Jai, trying to keep a straight face, and I saw the guy turn around to see what I was looking at.

He looked right at Jai, turned back around, and to my surprise got out of his seat and joined in with me.

Sticking one hand out in front of him, he pretended to spank the air, and moved his hips at the same time. By now Jai had his phone out and was filming us and I decided to step my moves up a notch.

 I began fist pumping the air and spinning around madly, whilst the boy began thrusting wildly. I flipped my hair around in all directions until I couldn’t keep a serious face any longer.

The weirdest laugh I had ever heard spilled out of my mouth, and I clapped my hand tightly over it. I couldn’t believe I just did that, why was I such a freak?

Jai and the other guy had stopped laughing now and were just staring at me in complete silence. They looked at me, then at each other and both doubled over in laughter.

  “Oh my god Abbie, that’s the funniest laugh I’ve ever heard in my laugh!” Jai was almost crying with laughter.

“And f*** Beau, that’s the best I’ve seen you dance in a long time!”   “Wait, you know him?!” I asked, shocked.

  “He’s my brother.” Beau said smiling.

  My face burnt red again, and I but my palm to my forehead. I was mortified.

  “Is it getting hot in here again?” Jai joked.   

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