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after moving to Australia Abbies new bestfriends are the members of the Janoskians. Soon she starts to go out with one of them.


4. ketchup challenge


“Abbie, go down the shop for me?” My mum shouted from upstairs.   “Ugh, why?!” I shouted back.   “Don’t shout at me young lady, come upstairs and talk to me!”   God, my mum was such a hypocrite. I walked upstairs and opened the door to her room, only to find her completely naked.   “Oh my god, put some clothes on!” I screamed in horror.   “Don’t be silly darling, we’re family, we’ve seen each other naked before.” She replied calmly.   “Yeah, when I was like 3!”   “Oh Abbie, stop complaining, go and buy some eggs will you?” She said, handing me some money. I took it from her, and walked back down the stairs and out the door, slamming it loudly.   Walking down the street, I occasionally looked through the shop windows. I happened to notice my reflection in one, and really hoped I didn’t bump into anyone I knew. Not that I actually knew anyone in Melbourne other than the Brooks brothers, James and Daniel. Although I really didn’t think I’d see them anytime soon, the last time I’d seen them was at the airport, and Jai hadn’t texted me at all. I looked up and down at my reflection in the window. I had on my grey Hollister sweatpants, white high tops, a blue hoodie. My  hair    fell loosely past my shoulders and basically, I looked like shit. The weather in Melbourne was meant to be nice, but the sun had barely been out all week, and it was actually pretty cold.   I had finally reached the shop, and walked inside to the dairy isle. I reached for the last box of eggs, just as someone else pulled them off the shelf. I drew my hand back, and looked at the egg thief.     “Jai?”   I think he was as surprised to see me as I was to see him.   “Oh, er, hi Abbie,” He smiled at me.   “Jai, hurry up, have you got the- Ohhh, hi Evie,” Luke said, looking at Jai with a sly grin on his face. “What are you doing here?”   “Well I was meant to be getting eggs, but Jai got the last box…” I told him.   “You can have them if you need them,” Jai said, handing them to me. Luke looked at him with his mouth open, baffled.   “What are you doing?! We need those eggs Jai!” He leapt in front of me, and took back the eggs; he almost seemed offended that Jai had given them away. Jai and I just looked at  each other and laughed.   “Its fine, you can have them, Luke,” I said. “Why do you need them so badly anyway?”   “We’re making a new daresundays video,” Jai told me. “Wanna come?”   “YES!” I shouted, way too eagerly. “I mean, if that’s ok with you guys or whatever…” I wasn’t doing well covering up my awkwardness.   “So all you have to do is drink a whole bottle of ketchup?” I asked.   “Yepp. But if you lose, then you’ll get eggs chucked at you,” Beau told me.   “That’s why we needed the eggs,” Luke cut in.   I laughed. “Yeah, I guessed that Luke.”   Everyone was in teams as there were six of us. Luke and James were one team, Skip and Beau were another, and Jai and I were the last team. The point of the challenge was to drink a whole bottle of ketchup in the quickest time, and preferably without throwing up.   “Ready?” Jai looked at me. “3, 2, 1, GO!”   Everyone grabbed their ketchup bottles, plunged their straws through the lids and began drinking. I have to be honest, the ketchup was alright for the first two sips, but after that, I just really wanted to throw up. It was gross. It turned out I wasn’t the only one who wanted to throw up, and Beau promptly vomited all over the floor. Everyone was spluttering and laughing, and then Skip threw up everywhere, spreading his legs wide so it wouldn’t go on his shoes. I had a mouthful of ketchup, and began laughing, spraying it all over James.   “F***!” He cried, grabbing his ketchup bottle and chucking it at me. I screamed as it landed on my face, the ketchup dripping out of my hair and down my face.   “You’re going to pay for that Yammouni.” I told him.     I heard a repulsive noise behind me and spun around to find Luke throwing up. Ugh, watching people vomit just made me want to do it too. But there was no way I was going to be sick in front of these guys, especially not Jai. Absolutely no way. I looked at my bottle of ketchup; I only had about a quarter of it left. I could so finish it without throwing up. Jai didn’t have that much left of his either. I pulled the straw out and took the lid of completely, and just downed the rest of it. The boys looked at me, astonished.   “What the f***? How can you do that?!” Beau asked me, his eyes wide.   “I have no idea,” I said laughing.  Suddenly, Jai grabbed his bottle, tore off the lid, and downed it exactly like I had done. He stuck out his tongue and screamed.   “We won, we won!”  Jai ran up to me and hugged me, spinning me around. We stopped hugging way too quickly, and the boys looked at us awkwardly.   Beau and Skip had devious grins on their faces and I knew they were planning something. I was stood next to Jai, when I saw another bottle of ketchup flying towards us. I ducked, and it flew over me, hitting James instead. He had a look of shock on his face.   “Oh my god, you dicks!” He shouted, picking up an egg from the box. He launched it throw the air, and it hit Beau right in between his eyes. Skip began laughing, and Beau turned to him.   “You think that’s funny do you Skip?”   Beau grabbed his ketchup, held it over Skip’s head and squeezed out the remainder of the bottle. Skip made no attempt to move and instead quickly flung his arm out towards Beau, hitting him in the balls.   Everyone began grabbing the left over bottles of ketchup, and eggs from the box, and soon everyone looked like a complete mess.   The sun had finally started to come out, and I took of my gilet. My phone fell out of the pocket; I picked it up off the floor and saw that I had 7 new messages from my mum, and  29 missed calls. Turning my phone off, I chose to ignore them – I was having way too much fun with boys to worry about how angry my parents would be with me right now.   Whilst James, Beau, Jai and Skip were starting to pack up their stuff, Luke came over to me.   “You know, it’s lucky we found you in the shop earlier,” He said.   “Oh yeah? Why’s that?” I asked him curiously.   “Because Jai wouldn’t stop going on about you, but he was too embarrassed to text you.”   My face lit up, and as much as I tried to, I couldn’t hide my smile. Jai hadn’t chosen to  ignore me, he just didn’t want to humiliate himself texting me. Maybe this meant that he liked me? Wait, why did I care if he liked me? I only met him a week ago. ‘Control Yourself Abbie'I thought to myself.   “He likes you too you know.” Luke interrupted my thoughts.   “What? I don’t like him!” I quickly replied.   “Sure…” He said, grinning.  
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