<3 i think i like you <3

after moving to Australia Abbies new bestfriends are the members of the Janoskians. Soon she starts to go out with one of them.


10. jai brooks likes me


“I really like you too,” I whispered back. “But can you get off me now please? You’re squashing me,” I laughed.   Jai chuckled, sitting back upright.   “You know, you’ve got icing on your nose now too.” I told him.   He crinkled up his nose, and crossed his eyes, trying to look at the icing. It was adorable.   “Here, I’ll get it,” I laughed, bringing my finger up to his nose and flicking the icing off.   Jai’s smile had spread across his face, and he looked at me intently. I stared back at him, confused.   “What are you looking at?” I asked.   “You,” He stated.   I smiled.   “Come on,” Jai said, pulling me up off the floor.   He led me outside of the hut, and pulled a lighter from his pocket. Bending down, he set alight a pile of kindling, and added some logs to fuel the flames. I sat back on the warm sand, and Jai propped himself next to me.   The flames were calming, and I watched them, absorbed in their warmth. Neither Jai nor I spoke, and apart from the crackling of the fire, and the sound of the waves, everything was silent.   It was a lot darker now, and starting to get cold out; I felt goose bumps appear on my arms. I began to shiver, and my teeth started chattering.   “Are you cold?” Jai asked me.   I nodded, laughing.   He got up, and went back inside the hut, returning with a large patchwork blanket.   Jai put his arm around me, and pulled the blanket around us as I leant my head on his shoulder. I don’t think I’d ever been so happy.   _________________________________________________________________________________   Jai walked me back to my house at around 11.30, and I was glad he was with me. It was so dark that you could barely see anything, and I’d probably never have found my way home and ended up trying to get into the wrong house.   “Thanks for tonight Jai, it was amazing,” I told him.   “You’re not just saying that?” Jai asked me.   “No,” I smiled, “We should do something again soon.”   Jai’s face lit up.   “What are you doing tomorrow?” He asked.   “Don’t think I’ve got anything planned…” I replied.   “Good,” Jai said. “The boys and I are going ice skating, I’ll pick you up at 10.”   “Ok!” I squealed, perhaps too enthusiastically. “I mean, it sounds good.”   I felt my cheeks burning, and Jai laughed at me.   Suddenly, the front door was hauled open, and I turned around to find my mum standing there in her bathrobe with a towel on her head and face mask on, beaming at me.     Jai actually jumped back and screamed.   “Hi guys!” she shrieked. “What are you doing out here, come inside?!”   My mum grabbed Jai and I by the arms, and dragged us inside. I had a feeling that she’d been drinking, and the empty bottles of wine on the table in the living room confirmed my suspicions. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself; my mum was hilarious when she was drunk.   Jai and I watched as she sat on the sofa in between us, and reached across the table to grab a bowl of Doritos. The bowl was just out of her reach, and she slipped, landing with her head in the bowl. Jai and I began laughing as she drunkenly picked herself up, her face covered in cheesey Dorito powder. My mum then promptly sat down on the floor, and began crying.   Oh god, I hated it when this happened. And it was even worse that Jai was here.   “Ok well Jai, you probably need to be getting home now don’t you?” I said, hurriedly pushing him out of the living room and towards the front door.   “Urm.. is she going to be alright?” He asked, pointing at my mum, who was now crawling around on the floor with her face mask dripping off her face due to the tears.   “Oh yeah, she’ll be fine,” I told him. “She usually does this. Mum, say bye to Jai!”   The noise she let out of her mouth wasn’t even human, and she hauled herself along the floor towards Jai, and latched onto his leg like a child.   Shit.   “Nooooooooo, don’t leave me!” She cried. “You’re too pretty, you can’t leave!”   In my whole life, I don’t think I’d ever been so embarrassed.   “Oh my god Jai, I’m so sorry!” I said, mortified.   I grabbed my mum’s legs and using all my strength, I managed to pull her off him, and drag her back into the living room. I ran back to Jai, and pushed him out the door, shutting it behind us.   Jai and I just looked at each other, and exploded into fits of laughter.   “So I’ll see you tomorrow then?” He said, taking a step closer to me.   “Yeah,” I giggled, bringing my face up to his.   He pressed his lips to mine, and ran off back down the drive.   I waited until he was out of sight before squealing with excitement, and flapping my arms around like a mad woman.   Jai Brooks liked me.   
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