<3 i think i like you <3

after moving to Australia Abbies new bestfriends are the members of the Janoskians. Soon she starts to go out with one of them.


7. i could kill that boy


Jerry's laugh echoed into the night, and the sound went through me like a bullet.   “You can have her, she’s a fucking bitch,’ he cried out, picking himself up off the floor.   Jai spun around, raised his fist and struck Jerry square in the jaw. Jerry clutched his face in his hands, but opened his mouth to speak.   “Dick,” He spat, storming off in the other direction.   I looked up through my tears and Jai pulled me in towards him, holding me close. I buried my head into his chest, my eyes welling up with tears. Jai spoke softly to me.   “Hey, don’t cry.”   He lifted my chin up and looked into my eyes.   “Come on, let’s go back inside.”   Placing his arm around my shoulder, he led me back inside the house. He walked me towards the back of the house, and we went into what was presumably a spare room. I hadn’t realised how cold it had been outside, and I was shivering. Jai sat me down on the bed and gave me his hoodie. I put it on, glad to be warm again.   “Thanks,” I sniffed.   Jai looked at me sympathetically, and began to speak.   “What were you doing with that jerk, Abbie?” He asked me.   I looked down at my lap, tears streaming down my face.   “I don’t know Jai, I didn’t want that to happen,” I sobbed. “I’m not a bitch Jai, I’m really not.”   Pulling me in for a hug, he spoke gently in my ear.   “I know you’re not,” he said as I buried my head into the crook of his neck.   My breath hitched in my throat as I breathed in his scent. I pulled out of the hug, wiping my eyes with the sleeve of Jai’s hoodie.   “I’m so pathetic,” I said through my tears, looking down at my hands.   Jai bought his hand up to the side of my face, and pushed my hair behind my ear. We were silent, and I looked into his eyes as he stroked a stray tear from my cheek.   “No you’re not.”   Jai looked right back at me and I noticed he still had his hand on my cheek. I glanced quickly at his soft pink lips, and then back at his eyes. We were so close now; I could feel his hot breath mixing with mine. He leaned in closer and I mirrored him. We were so close to touching now and my heart pounded so loudly in my chest that I was sure Jai could hear it.   “There you are! We’ve been looking everywhere for you guys!”   Luke burst through the door. God I could’ve killed that boy. I sprung away from Jai, and he whipped his hand away from my cheek and to the back of his head, as if he was fixing his hair.   “What are you guys doing?” Luke asked, completely clueless as to what just almost happened.   Jai and I began mumbling but Luke just raised his eyebrows in confusion, and left the room.   “I guess we should get back to the party…” Jai said, his cheeks flushing red.   “I guess.”  
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