I'd Tell You, But I'd Have To Kill You

Me and my friend are working together on a film! We'd like to get other peoples opinions on the script!


9. Scene 9

Alex: Stupid girls!

(Boss A looks annoyed)

Alex: Oh sorry! (Seeing Boss A's face)

Alex: It's not your fault you are a girl!

Boss A: Your lucky your not one of the others, because otherwise I would be firing you!

(Alex shuts up)

B: Where are we going?

C: Isn't it obvious?... Were going to the beach!

Alex: (Muttered) Idiots! (to boss A) Why do we have to put up with...them?!

B: We heard that! :( Anyway, if we don't get to go to the beach where are we going?

C: Yeah! Oh and if it doesn't  include: Killing, guns, crying (not me!), windsurfing or 'Bouncy-hopper-ing im not interested!

Alex: See what i mean!? Idiots!




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