I'd Tell You, But I'd Have To Kill You

Me and my friend are working together on a film! We'd like to get other peoples opinions on the script!


6. Scene 6

After last nights sleepover the trio wake late. There hair mad and knotted and their emotions the same!

Nina, Cece and Katee head downstairs to get a glass of water, deciding to leave Ruby to sleep. As they walked to the kitchen they  talked in quiet voices about her, deciding they should do something special for her, a treat.

Cece: Do you think we can do something for Ruby? Not something to make her forget, just something to distract her.

Nina: OOOHHHH my god

Kaytee: Nooo, no, no i know what you are thinking and it's a definite NO from me!


Kaytee: NOOOOO. I have put up with a-lot from you but seriously, shopping, that, that is just going toooo far!! (Katee was saying this in a pleading and scared voice)

Nina: Seriously, you need to see the joys and wonders of shopping

Kaytee: Seriously, I don't!

Nina: You're boring! You've got to learn to have FUN, live a little!

Kaytee: I live and have FUN (jazz hands)!

Cece shakes her head, thinking no: Unless your counting squashing my woodlice as fun.....

Kaytee: I've only done that once, aaannnddd I was 5!

Nina: What can we do to distract Ruby if I'm not allowed to teach you how to shop, and I'm guessing you don't want to raid each others hair?

Cece: Chillax dudes, we can teach her how to medetate, or feel the wonders of the earth

Ruby walks into the room but they don't notice

Ruby: What would you want to distract me from?

Cece: Erm, erm. We wanted to distract you from the hole in the ozone layer, we know its really bugging you

Katie: And Hollister is going to actually going to let you see the clothes! Party, there turning lights on!

Nina rolls her eyes

Kaytee opens her mouth to say something when the phone rings 



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