I'd Tell You, But I'd Have To Kill You

Me and my friend are working together on a film! We'd like to get other peoples opinions on the script!


4. Scene 4

Ruby, Nina, Cece and Katie were at Nina's house having a sleepover. They were all in there PJ's busy doing make-overs on each other. When Chloe, Nina's younger sister walks in.

Chloe: Nina, Nina, Nina, can I have a make-over too? Please?

Nina: No, go and play with your... barbies

Chloe: No. I don't want to mess up their hair and clothes

Chloe walks off, bored

Katie: That's normal for a six year old to not want to ruin their barbies clothes!?!

Nina: But you've got to remember Kaytee, Chloe isn't your average six year old!

Katie: I know, when I was six I was busy smashing my china dolls! Nina, you were learning to use a mascara brush!

Nina: Wand, mascara wand (Said seriously)

Cece: And i was saving grass hoppers from the beastly...

(Katie cuts her off)

Katie: For-goodness-sake, we've heard this story sooo many times before.

Ruby: I was playing tea parties with Beth (quietly)

Nina rubs Ruby's back, trying to comfort her

Ruby: This is my night off, I'm going to forget about all the bad things in my life at the moment. I'm gonna' have fun!

Katie stands up and presses play on her iPod. The four of them start dancing around the room to 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'. Nina stands at the front of them miming into a hairbrush.

Katie nudges her

Katie: Show off!

Ruby walks over to the music and presses stop on the music. Nina and Katie look at her annoyed.

Ruby sits down on her sleeping bag.

Ruby: Truth or dare time!

Katie, Cece and Nina walk over and sit in a circle either side of Ruby.

Cece: Katie, I dare you to...

Katie looks down...

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