I'd Tell You, But I'd Have To Kill You

Me and my friend are working together on a film! We'd like to get other peoples opinions on the script!


3. Scene 3

Alex strode into the cabin in the french alps that the S.S.O.T.A (Secret Service Of Trained Assassins) uses as one of their many bases. As Alex marched down to the end of the room he passes two of his fellow assassins playing a game of cards and another dozing, snoring loudly.


Coming to the end of the room he saw the S.S.O.T.A boss,  who is known as 'Boss A' to all of her Employees. She has dark,dark Brown hair tied back in a single curl. She spoke with a typical English voice and a stern look on her face.

Boss A: You've done it? (said impatiently)

Alex: Of course! In fact I'm almost hurt that you doubt me!

Boss A: It's just because,well you know how it is. Someone doesn't do what you ask them to, you have to shoot them! And I don't want to shoot you because you are one of my only reliable men! I DON'T want to shoot you do I??? Do I??!!

Alex: No maam sorry maam

Alex was getting impatient (look impatient, and annoyed). Why did the best Assassins in the world have to be run by a,by a, a GIRL!

Alex: Any way, what's my next assignment?

Boss A: You mean 'our' next assignment!

Alex: What!?

Boss A: Oh, dont sound to pleased! We have to find those Girls you said you saw coming up the path as you left. And kill them!

 For the first time this week, Alex smiled...

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