I'd Tell You, But I'd Have To Kill You

Me and my friend are working together on a film! We'd like to get other peoples opinions on the script!


2. Scene 2

Nina, Cece and Kaytee walk over to Ruby slowly. Ruby was kneeling at Beth's grave, crying quietly. Cece sits down by the grave and starts doing some kind of meditating.

Ruby: She's really gone, isn't she?

(Ruby crys)

Nina and Kaytee look at each other, clueless of what to say. They kneel down and sit next to Ruby.

Nina: Its okay, you've got us.

Kaytee: She's right you know, we'll always be here for you. Nina will, even when she goes into a hospital for wimpy girlie girls!

Ruby laughs sadly, Nina nods, then realizes what Kaytee said and gives her a shove.

Nina: I'm not a wimpy girlie girl

(Nina says hurt)

Kaytee: No, you're just a wimpy goodie-goodie girlie girl!

Nina ignores Kaytee and comforts Ruby. Nina gives Ruby a hug

Nina: It'll be alright

Ruby pushes away

Ruby: If I hadn't of gone out, then she would of never of got shot. Then she would of never died. See, so no, it won't 'be alright'

Ruby walks off

Kaytee: Well done (She says sarcastically) you really helped there, didn't you?!

Nina: And you could of done better?

Nina walks off, going after Ruby

Katie follows, leaving Cece still in meditation.

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