By My Side

Destiny dreams of becoming a professional photographer someday and she flies to London to experience new sights to take pictures. On the adventure she bumps in to this guy names, Harry Styles. She immediately falls in love. One day when they're flying on a plane the plane starts going into an emergency landing, the plane is crashing! Will they survive?


25. Who?

(Destiny's POV) I wake up to find myself asleep on the couch. Harry is still asleep so I decide to make a quick run to grab some breakfast. I get a muffin and latte and bring back a cup of coffee and Harry's favorite, banana bread for him. Once I get back, I hand it to him and he loves it. "Thank you!" He says. Everyday that week i came to visit with Harry. Whenever I can, I try to bring a smile to his face. (Harry's POV) I'm glad that I'm the on to get hurt instead of Destiny. But I wish this plane crash would have just never even happened. "Destiny," I call. "Yes Harry?" She concerns. "I just want to say that I'm so glad you are alright and I want you to know that I love you so much and couldn't live without you," I explain. "Awe, Harry you're so sweet. I'm glad you're alright too and I love you so much," she replies. I take her hand and conjoined it in mine. We talk for a while and then the nurse comes in with our lunch. We watch TV as we munch. Then the nurse walks in, "Harry, someone would like to see you.".....
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