By My Side

Destiny dreams of becoming a professional photographer someday and she flies to London to experience new sights to take pictures. On the adventure she bumps in to this guy names, Harry Styles. She immediately falls in love. One day when they're flying on a plane the plane starts going into an emergency landing, the plane is crashing! Will they survive?


37. New Friends

(Harry's POV) im so glad Destiny is happy. We can finally have a perfect relationship. No body else hurting us. And i also cant wait to show her the siprise i have for her tomorrow. (Destiny's POV) yay. A place of our own now. It's so peaceful. So joyful. So happy. Im glad Harry's mine. "Honey can you help me get the couch?" Harry asks. "Sure!" I help him carry the couch into the new living room. We spent the whole entire day moving in. We were really tired at the end of the day. Harry fell asleep on the couch while watching "The Bachelor" with me. I was texting Louis and Niall at 11:00 p.m. They told me they were going on tour soon, and that I could come, with Paul's permission. I loved hanging out with Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie. They are my best friends and are all so sweet....
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