By My Side

Destiny dreams of becoming a professional photographer someday and she flies to London to experience new sights to take pictures. On the adventure she bumps in to this guy names, Harry Styles. She immediately falls in love. One day when they're flying on a plane the plane starts going into an emergency landing, the plane is crashing! Will they survive?


17. Great News

(Destiny's POV) I woke up this morning to my phone ringing, I answer it and it's my dad, "Hey Destiny, it's dad. I have great news! Your mom is out of acoma!" I shout into the phone, "Oh my gosh! I'll be there right away!" I run to throw on my sweats and T-shirt. (Harry's POV) "Knock knock knock!" Who would be knocking on the door t 7:00 in the morning? I answer it and Destiny runs in and gives me a huge hug, almost knocking me down. "Harry! My mom's out of acoma! We need to go to the hospital now!" Destiny yells, she has the biggest smile ever on her face. "Ok ok I'm going!" I reply laughing. As soon as I get ready we head out to the hospital. Once we get there, Destiny turns off the car and runs in. I run in after her, I'm so glad she's happy again. As we get to her moms room Destiny runs to her mom and gives her a big hug and can't help but cry. Destiny says relieved, "Mom I'm so glad your ok, I've been so worried about you." Her mom replies, "I'm so glad too." They talk and talk and cry. They both look so happy, I'm glad Destiny has a smile on her face again....
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