By My Side

Destiny dreams of becoming a professional photographer someday and she flies to London to experience new sights to take pictures. On the adventure she bumps in to this guy names, Harry Styles. She immediately falls in love. One day when they're flying on a plane the plane starts going into an emergency landing, the plane is crashing! Will they survive?


26. Being Torn Apart

(Destiny's POV) "Hi Harry!" A tall blonde greets him. "Scarlette?!?!" Harrys ex did not just walk in. "I heard you were in a plane crash so I wanted to check on you," she explains concerned. "Umm thank you," Harry says confused. "Who's this?" She pointed at me and I smiled. Even though I didn't want to. "That's, erm, my girlfriend, Destiny," Harry explains nervously. "Nice to meet you. I'm Scarlette" I waved at her. Harry and her began to have a conversation. I just sat in the corner on the couch tweeting the fans. They're all so sweet. I heard Harry and Scarlette laughing and he was always flashing a smile at her. It had been thirty minutes. Thirty long minutes of talking. I got up and left. No goodbye. Just my little feet walking out the door....
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