By My Side

Destiny dreams of becoming a professional photographer someday and she flies to London to experience new sights to take pictures. On the adventure she bumps in to this guy names, Harry Styles. She immediately falls in love. One day when they're flying on a plane the plane starts going into an emergency landing, the plane is crashing! Will they survive?


39. 100% Yes

(Destiny's POV) Harry gets down on one knee and stares into my eyes. He asks, "Destiny, will you marry me?" I jump into his arms shouting, "Oh my gosh! Yes yes yes! 100% yes!" I'm so happy, I start crying. I cant believe we're getting married, this is the absolute best day of my whole life. He puts the diamond ring on my finger. We both smile and i tear streams down my face. Harry wipes away the tear with his soft hands. He gives me a big hug and we share a nice long kiss. After our amazing picnic, we head back to the house. As we're driving home I can't stop thinking about our wedding, it's going to be amazing. (Harry's POV) We finally get home and i say, "Home sweet home." We sit at the kitchen counter and begin to plan out our wedding. "I love you," Destiny tells me, her gorgeous green eyes engaged into mine. "I love you too," I tell her. Later that night, we go out to dinner with the boys and Paul. We're leaving to go on tour tomorrow morning. Im so excited, especially because Destiny gets to come with us. Shes going to love the experience that she's never had before. Destiny and I tell them the big news and they're so excited and happy for us. We talk and laugh the rest of the dinner. (Destiny's POV) We eventually get back to our beautiful cozy amazing home and get ready for bed. I fall asleep with my head on Harry's chest. I text my mom the big news and she says she's so excited and can't believe how fast I'm growing up. She is so happy for me. I can't even explain how much I love him, we are going to have a wonderful rest of our lives together....
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