I guess It's True

Luna could only wait so long for the concert of a lifetime. Her father had promised her two front row tickets to a one dirrection concert. What happens when you manage to get back stage? What will happen when you realize that someone you don't know used to be your best friend? What happens when she falls for one boy, but is loved by another? Could she deny a boy from One Direction? It's the oportunity she had always wanted. But not this way.


1. Story Renovation

Hey guys! I wrote this story a long time ago when I was a really really bad writer. I have decided to unpublish it in order to rewrite the story. A lot of the story is going to be very different so please reread it :) Also, The Sequel It Can't Be True, is now up and a couple chapters in. I promise to continue that when I finish renovating this story. Lastly, I changed the cover just so you know.Thanks for all the support. It means a lot :)





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