I guess It's True

Luna could only wait so long for the concert of a lifetime. Her father had promised her two front row tickets to a one dirrection concert. What happens when you manage to get back stage? What will happen when you realize that someone you don't know used to be your best friend? What happens when she falls for one boy, but is loved by another? Could she deny a boy from One Direction? It's the oportunity she had always wanted. But not this way.


4. One Mistake

 "Dad! You're going the wrong way!" Luna shouted.


"No I’m not! Look the parking's full this must be the overflow!" He said pulling in to a dirt patted area.


He circled to the other side of the building. He found a shaded area to park the car and got out. Luna followed behind.


"Now, where do you suppose we enter?" Her dad asked. Luna looked around until she spotted a small door.


She squinted and saw the faded writing.  The first part was blurred out but she managed to see:




"Dad look! It must say entrance!"


"Are you sure Luna?" He was skeptical. It was an incredibly small door. Obviously not fit for thousands of screaming fans to pile in at once, but it couldn’t hurt to try.


"Well it does seem small, but what else could it say?"


Her dad having no other argument decided to trust Luna. They opened the door and went in. They went down many hallways by following faded signs and directions. They could hear the voices of One Direction, but they couldn't tell where it was coming from. Finally, Luna's search lead her to a curtain. She went through followed by her dad. There, the music got louder. Luna was confused by all the cables and wires all over the floor. The sight look confusing considering that along with the cables, there were also bright green couches and a coffee table. Her thoughts and confusion were interrupted by...


"Hey You!!" Luna looked around to see where it came from.


"You can't be back here!" The guard standing behind the door barked at her.


Suddenly the song ended.


"Sir, we were just trying to find our seats." Luna's dad explained calmly.


The guard was about to force Luna and her dad to leave when Zayne popped out from behind the wall.

He smirked at her presence. Another crazy fan Zayne thought. He’d seen his fair share of those.

The rest of the band shuffled in only to find themselves witnessing the scene. The guard then stepped in front of Luna and her father.

“No wait!” She shouted. All she wanted was to find their seats. Her father put a hand on her shoulder.

“Come on Luna, let’s just not stir up trouble” He says urging her away from the area.

At the mention of the name Luna, Harry’s head shot up. He had once had a friend named Luna. But that was many years ago. Although it wasn’t every day you found a girl with the same peculiar name. Harry shrugged off the thought and continued what he was doing while listening to the exchange though something inside him urged to learn more about this Luna, so he walked over to them.

“Look congratulations, you made it this far. You can have my autograph is that what you wanted” He says in an annoyed tone. He himself was not sure if it was true annoyance or if he was just finding an excuse to talk to her. After all, Luna or not, Harry always liked talking to pretty girls.

However, Luna took his comment a little more harshly than Harry might have intended.

“I see. I’m so sorry to have bothered your perfect little life. Because to you, it’s all about people wanting your autograph, it never occurred to you that people actually do things for other reasons. See I actually wanted to find my set to listen to your music not your ego” She said washed over by anger. She didn’t really know where it came from and was shocked by her own words once they came out of her mouth.

“Alright ma’am, but you’re going to have to leave now” Said the security guard. But Harry only smiled. For once he had met a fan who was different. She hadn’t broken down into tears at the sight of him. And she had enough respect not to take his crap. He had only ever known one other person with that kind of fire.

“I don’t mind” Luna said and turned around to walk away.

“I just have one question” Harry called after her. Luna turned back around.

 “No Mr. Styles, I don’t want your autograph” She responded and continued walking.

“Is your last name Scott?” He said as if she hadn’t just said what she did.

Luna stopped in her tracks and so did her father.

“How do you know my name?” She asked startled as she turned back around to face Harry.

“One more thing” Harry said as Luna slowly walked back to where Harry was standing.

“Do you remember how the leaves would drape the streets of Bromsgrove in autumn?” He asks with a disguised grin.

“How do you know that I lived in Bromsgrove?” She asked very skeptical yet intrigued.

“You may remember me as Edward” Harry said.

Luna took a step closer.

“No, Edward’s surname was Stills. Edward Stills” She says shocked at the words he had just said.

“Edward Styles dear. Harry Edward Styles” He says. “It’s not my fault you couldn’t pronounce it at the age of five” He adds.

Luna just stands there for a second as her eyes widen. Then out of nowhere she just runs towards him and he catches her in a hug. The other boys who had been watching the peculiar scene were frozen in stares, so was Jeff, the security guard.

“But how did you know it was me?” She asks when he finally releases her from the hug.

“I didn’t, but I ask every Luna that I meet the same question. If you had said no then I would have known it wasn’t you” He says smiling down on her.

“It’s true. He’s been trying to find Luna Scott for years. Every fan named Luna with backstage passes, every waitress, and every girl named Luna got ‘the Scott question’” Says Louis.

“So I assume it’s alright with you if she stays then?” Says Jeff.  


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