I guess It's True

Luna could only wait so long for the concert of a lifetime. Her father had promised her two front row tickets to a one dirrection concert. What happens when you manage to get back stage? What will happen when you realize that someone you don't know used to be your best friend? What happens when she falls for one boy, but is loved by another? Could she deny a boy from One Direction? It's the oportunity she had always wanted. But not this way.


6. One Liam

“So what about you. Are you in any relationship?” She asked as they walked down the backstage hall. She knew it was a stupid question considering that he had practically been flirting with her this whole time.

“No,” He said “I was in a relationship with a friend. Her name was Danielle. But she’s always just been my friend you know?” He said as they turn a corner into another hallway.

“It was the kind of thing that happened because everyone expected it to, but it wasn’t what we really wanted” Luna watched Liam as he spoke. She noticed the curve in his lip and the little dimple near his chin. All things that were not shown by professional paparazzi pictures.

“Up here” He said gesturing to a tall metal ladder. “Ladies first”

Liam walked behind her.

As she climbed higher she began to see giant stage lights she looked around, distracted from what her feet where doing. Suddenly, she skipped a step and began to slip. Instinctively, Liam put his arms out and managed to break her fall, though he fell too.

They crash onto the floor with Luna facing Liam from on top. Then there it was again, they were just staring at each other. It seemed like moments such as these could last forever if it wasn’t for the interruption. Again.

“Okay what is going on here?” Asked Niall with a mouth full of chicken. As if on cue, Luna and Liam both began laughing and finally Luna rolled off of Liam. When they looked up, the band only looked confused. Well, except for Louis who only looked amused. Then Luna realized how It must have looked. Luna was laying on top of Liam, their faces were inches apart.

“Ohmygod dad” Luna said, worried about what her dad might think.

“He went home. Said he trusted us to take care of you and that you probably didn’t want him around” Harry said. Luna was relieved, but the band seemed really concerned about where they had caught Luna and Liam.

“Liam can we talk to you. Now.” Says Zayne. Liam, who is still laughing, got up and walked into another room with the boys except for Harry.




“What was that?” Said Zayne in a scolding tone.

“Relax, we were just having fun” Said Liam.

“Fun huh?” Said Louis “What kind of fun?” He said teasingly.

“You guys think we were….” Liam says.

“Look all I’m saying is that Harry has been looking for this girl for a really long time. He finally found her. It’s not your place to take her away from him” Zayne says. Liam’s expression drops.

“Look, he doesn’t own her. And what about Luna? Are we just going to decide that she’s only allowed to be with Harry? Doesn’t she get some sort of say?” He says to counter Zayne’s comment “Like I said, we were just having fun”

“Good” said Zayne as they walked back out.




As the boys talked in the other room, Harry helped Luna up.

“Are you okay?” Asked Harry.

“I’m fine. I just fell off the ladder and he broke my fall” Luna replied as she swiped some dust off of her shorts.

“Hey, I feel like we should catch up. I mean it has been a while” He says jokingly.

“Sure we can catch up” Luna said casually.

“No I mean. Do you think you’d like to get dinner, say tomorrow night?” He asked. He moved his hand up to scratch the back of his neck. Luna’s expression changed. She had pictured this moment a million times in her mind or in front of her posters.

“Like, a date?” Was all she managed to get out. Harry laughed his raspy confident laugh that girls died for.

She wanted to say yes, but there was a twinge of guilt inside of her. After all, her and Liam had only just met. She wasn’t even sure if he liked her. They had only been playing around. Then why did she feel so guilty?

“Yeah Harry. I’d love to have dinner with you” She finally said right before the boys walked out of the room.

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