I guess It's True

Luna could only wait so long for the concert of a lifetime. Her father had promised her two front row tickets to a one dirrection concert. What happens when you manage to get back stage? What will happen when you realize that someone you don't know used to be your best friend? What happens when she falls for one boy, but is loved by another? Could she deny a boy from One Direction? It's the oportunity she had always wanted. But not this way.


5. One Intermission

To Luna's luck, she arrived at intermission. They had decided to take a 45 minute intermission to set up everything for the stunt coming up in the second part of the concert. That meant that Luna had tons of time to chat with the boys who had spread out on the bright green couches.

“Okay so this is when we get to sneak out and do things and no one notices because they think we are still here. So I was thinking, we could all go get pizza” Says Harry.

"I would like to come too if you don't mind!" Said Luna's dad.

"Oh sure! We'd love to have you come along!" Said Harry. Harry still remembered Mr. Scott from his childhood so it was natural to like him.

Everybody gave him approving nods except for Luna and Liam.

“Do you mind if I stay here and look around?” Luna asks. Liam looked over to her.

“You guys go. I’ll show Luna around” Said Liam. They were obviously all starving so no one argued. When they shuffled out of the building through the door in which Luna bad entered it, Liam spoke.

“So you were Harry’s girlfriend huh?” Liam was sitting directly across from her with his leg cross over the other in a comfortable position.

“Oh no,” Said Luna with a small laugh “He was my best friend when we were little. That’s all”.

“So you don’t even like him. Not even the slightest bit?” Asks Liam.

“Why so many questions?” Asked Luna with a tiny smirk on her face.

“I’m just trying to get to know the beautiful girl that just walked in”

“Are you flirting with me?” She asked while shifting into a more comfortable position.

“Maybe a little” He smiled at the blushing girl who then smiled back confidently.

"May I?" She asked reaching for the guitar. Changing the subject. She strummed a few notes just to make sure it was in tune. She slowly moved her hand across the strings. Then she began.

"Boy I see it in your eyes your disappointed." Liam smiled at the fact that Luna was singing a One Direction song.

"Cuz I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart." She continued. Luna sang the whole thing while strumming along. Liam watched her intently. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. And she could sing too. 

She finished the song.

He clapped and smiled softly.

“Was it good?” She ask eagerly.

“Amazing,” He says then adds “Except for one chord sequence.” He gets off and walks around to sit behind Luna. He put his arms on either side of her so that he could grip the guitar next to where Luna was gripping it.

Luna felt her body go stiff. She could feel his warmth and heart bead against her back.

“See in the second verse, you go from a C chord to a G” He says softly placing his hands on top of hers, while she strummed what he said.

“I see” She said softly.

“Then from a G to an F and back to a C” He says as she strums the chords with his hands guiding her.

She turned her head to look up at him and meets his eyes. For a second they just stare at each other until finally Liam breaks the silence by stepping away.

“But you didn’t stay for a guitar lesson so let me show you around” He says offering her his hand. 

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