I guess It's True

Luna could only wait so long for the concert of a lifetime. Her father had promised her two front row tickets to a one dirrection concert. What happens when you manage to get back stage? What will happen when you realize that someone you don't know used to be your best friend? What happens when she falls for one boy, but is loved by another? Could she deny a boy from One Direction? It's the oportunity she had always wanted. But not this way.


8. One Date

Luna was escorted inside the restaurant by Harry. When they walked it, the staff rushed to attend to them. She blushed slightly as people whispered at the sight of him. They sat down and the staff brought them their appetizers.

“I hope you don’t mind, I asked them to bring us the chef’s choice for our appetizers meal and dessert” He says smiling. She couldn’t help but notice how good looking he was with his shaggy hair just barely covering his eyes. Luna looked down at her plate it was a shrimp appetizer.

“Oh Harry—“she began but was cut off by Harry.

“I remember how much you used to love shrimp when you were little” He says smiling.

“Actually, I developed an allergy to shellfish when I was seven” She said still looking at her plate.

“Oh, well, we can get that fixed” He said obviously embarrassed.  

As the night went on Harry and Luna made small talk. Finally, they brought out the entrees.

“So then she starts retweeting like everything that I post and finally. Oh dear, finally she just shows up at my front door” He says while Laughing. Luna was laughing at the story.

“All because of a meet and greet?” She asks in the middle of a laugh.

“And that is why I keep retweeting to a minimum” He said.

“So do fans always show up backstage or was that just me who is mindless enough to get lost” She said before taking in a mouthful of lasagna.

“Well it does happen sometimes, but you’re the first person to do it on accident” He said as Luna laughs.

“But none of them were ever as beautiful as you” He says with that charming smile of his.

“Great. Are you flirting with me too?” She says jokingly, but Harry’s expression changed.

“Who else was flirting with you?” He asked while putting down his fork.

“Oh no one. Nothing. Forget I said that” She said quickly.

The conversations continued with Luna and Harry both laughing. She had been skeptical about the whole thing at first, but as the night went on, her doubts slowly began to fade. He was nice, funny, and the longing inside her to one day find Edward was finally being fulfilled. Maybe she did want to be more than friends. She caught herself noticing things like how cute he was when he laughed or how hot he was in general and she blushed at her own thoughts. He obviously liked her.

That’s when the paparazzi showed up.

They began taking pictures furiously through the enormous glass window that was next to their booth.

“Oh lord is it always like this?” She asked Harry as she put up the wine menu to cover herself.

“Pretty much” Harry replied. Suddenly Paparazzi began storming in the front door of the restaurant.

“Okay Luna, we have to go now” Harry said as he grabbed her hand and lead her through the kitchen and out the back door.

They casually walk down the street away from the paparazzi when someone shouted “There they are!” and started snapping pictures of them. That’s when Harry shouted “Run”.  They ran down the dark streets hand-in-hand. As if the situation wasn’t hard enough, it began to rain. Hard. They ran and ran in the rain as many paparazzi with cameras followed closely. Finally they turned a corner and stood under the shade of a store banner.

“I think…I think we….we lost them” Luna was crouched over her leg panting, trying to catch her breath as they both broke out into laughter.

“Are you alright?” Harry asked as he put his hand on her shoulder. A minute or so later, she stood up to find that Harry was only standing inches away from her. The moment was nice, they had just had a great time at dinner, then an epic escape.

Luna looked at Harry’s face, how the moonlight brought out his dimples. Or how the curls on the top of his head had fallen onto his face from the rain. She didn’t know where they were in the world and for one minute, it didn’t really matter. For a second he was 5 year old Edward, then he was tall, handsome, strong, warm Harry. Then he cupped her face with one of his hands and leaned down. She was significantly shorter than him, so she had to stand on her tiptoes and suddenly their lips were locked. She knew it was customary to kiss a girl on the first date, but what about a not-so-date date. Customary or not, he did.

The beauty of the moment and the butterflies that bubbled up inside of her stomach, threatening to break free as their lips danced, only lasted a brief moment when there was a bright flash of light. Luna’s first thought was lightning.  But then the sound of cameras corrected her.

“Oh god” Luna said clinging to Harry’s hand with her own for security. She knew that by tomorrow that picture would be everywhere.

“What do we do?” She asked Harry as they looked at the crowd of photographers that was getting larger by the minute.

The moment she said that, a long black limousine pulled up in front of them. Of course Luna thought.



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