Meeting Naill Horan

well th eclue is in the title!
A girl called Lily meets one direction and Niall and Louis takes a shine on her if you want to know what happens read on


6. The kiss

We both woke up to the sudden smell  of burnt bacon although it was burnt it still smells good!

BEEP BEEP BEEP went th efire alarm

"LOUIS why did u burn the bacon?!"i screamed

sorry i just wanted to have somthing to eat

well thats okay next time ask first u almost burnt the house down

Nialls POV:

Lily looks so cute like that bunt she donsnt know but i think i do,does Louis like Lily? i asked my self no it cant be true. So just to make him jelous i grabbed her and kissed her.


Lilys POV:

What is he doin he is kissing me and i like it but i dont know why but the look on Louis face drops i felt sorry for him but i dont know why his face dropped!??

I pulled away from him and went up to my room he followed he lifted me up and i felt the buldge on my leg as i wrap them round him. He takes of my top but i stop him casue im not really ready for it.He looked really embaressed.

I-im so sorry

NIALL come back

he ran out of my room and ran out of the door!

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