Meeting Naill Horan

well th eclue is in the title!
A girl called Lily meets one direction and Niall and Louis takes a shine on her if you want to know what happens read on


5. staying the night

by the time we watched a movie and chat for a while it was 11 so i asked stupidly if the wanted to stay the night hoping the would say yes.

"sure!" Niall rushed in saying it

"well there is ! spare room with a double bed so me and Allisa will go in there an-." I was interuppted bye Niall

"well i really mind sharing with one on the boys and i dont mid sharing with one of you girls!"

"same" liam and Niall said

" kk i will share with liam and Lily u will share the same bed as Niall!" demanded Allisa

"Ok i dont mind that, and zayn and harry one if you can have the guest room and one of you can have the sofa bed!" I replied

i heard Niall give a little yes.

"shoot gun double bed!" harry shouted

"OK mate i dont care !" zayn replied

so we all went to bed i dressed into my pyjamas a pair of silk shorts and a crop top.

"oh you can sleep in your under wear if you want i dont mind" i noted niall

so we went to bed and my bed wasnt that big so we were close together wich i was fine with.


Authors not : there is no sexual scene in this story but there is somthing rude thatis going to happen

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