Meeting Naill Horan

well th eclue is in the title!
A girl called Lily meets one direction and Niall and Louis takes a shine on her if you want to know what happens read on


4. Meeting 1D

"guys this is Lily and Allisa,if you are wondering why they have came to sit with us its becasue i drenched Lily in coke!" explained Naill

Allisa went and squeezed in next to Harry and Liam and i sat next to Niall and Louis

naill grabbed some nappkins and gave them to me and i started to wipe my selfwith the napkins

"well i knew we only stayed herre for 5 minutes but we really need to get going!"I lied

"we need to go as well so we will walk with you,im not asking im telling!"replied Niall

" Okay then !" I giggled

we got to my car and we gort in i turned on the engine and it made a gurgiling noise

"CRAP this cant be happening" Moaned

" umm we can give you a lift home and we can ring a toich truck to come get it in the morning!" Louis insisted

"OK thanks for the offer!" Allisa squealed

so we got in the car and Louis drove off to our house

"Number 22 victoria street." i mentioned to Louis

"Thanks for saying!" he replied

we reached our detenation

" You can come in if you want!"Allisa Questioned Liam


so the all came in and started to get comfertable already jumping on th ecouch taking there shoes of and turning on the tv.


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