Meeting Naill Horan

well th eclue is in the title!
A girl called Lily meets one direction and Niall and Louis takes a shine on her if you want to know what happens read on


3. Drenched in coke

my car was already here so i grabbed my car keys and we jumped in the car.I drove to pizza hut which was really quiet for some reason.we went in and we got seated right next to a bunch of boys having a food fight.

"great we have to sight here worring if we get covered in chips and pizza!"i wispered

"leave them be there having fun,we need to have fun come on live alittle!"she replied

"OH SHIT! why is he calling."Allisa cried

"Jake,i understand just take the call and tell him to bog off!"i explained

"k i will be 5 minutes!"alissa said running off

I was walking up to the drink thing when i suddenly got coke splashed all over me!

"you idiot!" is screamed. I looked up to see who it was i was gobsmacked, i turned around and gave a little sqeal.

" I am so sorry, i really didnt mean to!" he wispered in his sweet irish ackcent just like mine

"thats ok it dosnt matter,one thing i know you probly gte this alot but i cant belive im speaking to Niall Horan!" i screamed

"just to say sorry come over and sit with me and the rest of the boys just to say sorry!"

"oh i cant i need to sit with my friend,oh yea i almost forgot im Lily Muldoon"

just as Allisa walked in i said

"And this is my best friend Alissa Stock!"

"well you and Alissa can come and sit with us if you want i can help you get cleaned up!"

"well thats not an offer we cant reffuse!" Butted in Allisa

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