Meeting Naill Horan

well th eclue is in the title!
A girl called Lily meets one direction and Niall and Louis takes a shine on her if you want to know what happens read on


1. The train journey

Bump,bump,bump the train was moving along the track. I was moving to london.My name is Lily and im from Dublin.

I was moving to london with my friend Alissa,we were both 1D nuts an dthought we would move to london so we would be able to join in with the atmosphere of the london directioners.

Screech....the train came to a stop!

"we're here!" we both screemed.

london is so different to dublin. The hype the atmosphere it is so amazing.


"Taxi!"shouted Alissa

a taxi stopped right infront of us

"Where to?" The taxi mas asked

"victoria street please." i replied.

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